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If you have any questions or would like to discuss volunteering with Echelon, please contact Violet, the Echelon lead at, or consult the *Echelon page

There are 3 types of Echelon shifts

1. Set-up/Tear down shifts

2. Regular 6-hour shifts running from 7am-1pm, 1pm to 7pm, 7pm to 1am, and 1am to 7am

3. Overlap shifts. These one hour shifts are from 7:45am to 8:45am, 1:45pm to 2:45pm, 7:45pm to 8:45pm, and 1:45am to 2:45am that coincide with the first hour of shift change for the other Safety teams.

To sign up for a shift, comment on the shift you would like on the Google sheet with contact info. Leads will confirm and add you to the roster.