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A Lead is a member of the Burning Flipside community tasked with organizing a particular aspect of the event and recruiting volunteers as needed to help them achieve their goals as that Lead position.

Is it your first time being a Lead? Check out the Lead's Guide.

Liability Leads

Certain Lead positions are denoted as Liability Leads. These positions deal with sensitive event issues that may affect the event's legal standing, and as such AAR, LLC typically has a direct hand in selecting these Leads. If you are interested in one of these positions, please feel free to contact a member of AAR, LLC, or that Lead's AF for more information. These Lead positions bear an increased responsibility and professionalism.

Liability leads are denoted with an asterisk (*) in the list below.

Area: 360/24/7

Area Facilitator: Meredith H. Fortner Contact

CC Scribe

The Combustion Chamber Scribe, or CC Scribe for short, is a lead positions whose main responsibility is to keep minutes at CC Meetings. As part of taking minutes, the CC Scribe is also expected to keep track of the agenda for future CC meetings. Contact

Church Night Coordinator

The Church Night Coordinator is responsible for generating Church Night hype; there to spam the email lists with Flipside positive goodness to help foster participation in creating our fair city! Contact


The Edjumication Lead helps new burners effectively engage in our community's principles. Edjumication provides information on how to Leave No Trace, be involved in community participation, help create a gift economy, be aware of photography restrictions and other principles that are shared by Flipizens and other regional Burn communities. This Lead helps burners achieve a fulfilling and integrated Flipside experience. Contact

Equipment Librarian (*)

The Equipment Librarian is responsible for maintaining an inventory of AAR, LLC-owned tools and equipment. The Equipment Librarian is also responsible for facilitating documented lending and return of certain types of equipment. If this position is not filled, no equipment is lent outside of the fenced warehouse area. Contact

Off-Season Event Planning

The Off-Season Event Planner is responsible for coordinating events run by AAR, LLC which are not Flipside itself. These tasks may be offloaded onto someone else at times, but in general, this lead will be the point contact for all "other" official events, such as Townhall, Volunteer Appreciation, etc. Contact

Regional Outreach

The Regional Outreach Lead is responsible for establishing contact with the other Regional Burn communities (Transformus, Toast, Playa Del Fuego, Apogaea, etc) and inviting members of their community to Flipside. Contact

Warehouse Manager (*)

The Warehouse Manager Lead is responsible for overseeing the usage of the Wherehouse and its upkeep--this position is often called "Warehouse Advocate." Contact

Area: Art

Area Facilitator: Stephy Contact

Art Hype

This Lead reaches out to the community of participants at large to foster the cultural value of art participation, encourages participants to sign up for an installation spot or register their pieces - then pass them to Art Installation Logistics so that they have ALL the support they need. This Lead should be present at Church Nights and any other Art Nights, and may help organize and communicate art workshops, flash mobs, and other forms of hyping of art. Contact

Art Installation Logistics

This Lead serves as a central clearinghouse to facilitate the needs of artists' installations (power, lighting, transportation, etc.) and facilitate or provide assistance with ride sharing, volunteers, shared rentals, and other possibilities. Contact

Burn Night Coordinator

The orchestrator of the final show! This lead coordinates with representatives from several Areas of Pyropolis: Procession, DaFT, Rangers, PETS, Safety, to name a few. This person gathers the needs and plans of each team and weaves them together into a smooth play of events and coordinated response among players. Main responsibility is Sunday of the event (from noon until the effigy is ashes!) Contact

Burnable Art

The Burnable Art Lead coordinates burnable art. This Lead identifies and contacts the artists who intend to burn art at Flipside (register your art!); ensures that artists take measures to prevent burn scars; schedules art burn times on and off the "Burn Night;" facilitates and ensures coordination between the artists and the Fire Safety team; ensures that no art is burned without the presence of Fire Safety; and ensures that artists Leave No Trace of their burned art. This lead may have access to techniques, vendors, and inspiration for burnable art to share with artists... Contact

Commons Host

Commons Host will facilitate the creation of relaxing communal hubs where Flipizens can congregate in artfully vibrant spaces. Host will lead teams to decorate and light the spaces, provide lounging materials and designate areas for smaller art installations. Events are welcome in the Commons in either an impromptu fashion or around a schedule, to be maintained by the Commons Host team. Contact

DMV (Department of Mutant Vehicles)(*)

The DMV Lead is responsible for clearing mutant vehicles for event travel (this includes determining what constitutes an art car). This Lead is responsible for organizing the enforcement of parking and driving policies (cars that aren't registered with the DMV and cleared for during-event travel are not to be operated during the event, save loading and unloading). This Lead is ideally very organized and a good communicator. Contact

DaFT (Design and Fabrication Team)(*)

The DaFT Lead is responsible for designing the effigy and leading the team that creates it. This position requires a strong commitment to the project, an ability to meet deadlines, ability to manage projects and budgets, and a positive attitude. It’s also a good idea to have some design and construction skills. There are many experienced people in the community who are available to help the DaFT Lead. This role will likely take 20-40 hours a week for most of the time from March through May. Construction of the effigy should ideally be finished by Friday of the event, but past years have had DaFT (and especially the lead) working until late Saturday. Contact

Effigy Area Lighting

Leads a team to create sturdy, aesthetic, bright lighting structures that encircle the Effigy and surrounding landscape. Works with Art and Safety Area Facilitators to ensure the aesthetic enhances the safety and appearance of the effigy circle.

Graphic Arts

Conceptualize, design, render, plan, and otherwise communicate the logos, graphics, constructs, and memes for department T-shirts, patches, swag, signs, newsletter(s), etc. Pixel Monkey! Contact

Procession Coordinator

The Procession Coordinator is a Lead responsible for organizing the procession on the night of the burn. This position exhibits lots of creativity and the ability to work (and play) very well with others. Lead is also be familiar with fire safety, as many of the procession participants will likely be performing with fire. Previous leads have used the Procession as a theatrical performance (the Voodoo Wedding in 2005), or as a Pied Piper-style parade that seeks to pull the populace from their camps and continues to grow as it winds its way through the city, finally ending at the effigy (2006).

In 2012, the procession will took on aspects of a tribal CIRCUS PARADE with illuminated costumes, stiltwalkers, marching band drummers, giant puppets and circus freaks.

Pyrotechnics (*)

This person is responsible for designing, procuring, and implementing a fireworks show to accompany the burning of the Effigy. This lead or someone on the team will be a trained and licensed pyrotechnician. Lead will assist the Fire Safety and Burn Night Coordination teams in determining whether and when conditions are favorable for a fireworks show. They should also be available to provide input and advice to DaFT team members, if/where pyrotechnology is used in the effigy.

Regional Art Ambassador

This recently-formed role is responsible for increasing awareness of the welcome possibilities to get art and representation at other burn events by Flipizens, and to welcome and assist in getting artists and their art from other events to Pyropolis.

Sticket Wrangler (*)

"Sticket" is a portmanteau of the words "sticker" and "ticket." The Sticket Lead accepts the ticket and sticker submissions, wrangles the selection committees, and orders the final product.

Area: City Planning

Area Facilitator: Mercedes Contact


The Cartography Lead works with the Placement and Roads leads to build the map of the city of Pyropolis. Contact

City Planning Admin

The City Planning Admin is responsible for managing the data input needs of the City Planning team. The Admin will work closely with the City Planning team to ensure the FS website has the right tools and information to smoothly process all required data. Candidate should be experienced with data entry, Media Wiki, website design, HTML, CSS, and database administration. Contact

City and Street Signage

The City & Street Signage Lead is responsible for coordinating the creation and installation of all artistic signs to be used at Flipside. While mainly associated with the creation of the year's Street Signs, this position is by no means limited to just that. In fact, many folks could benefit from having some help building and painting their own signs. The ideal person for this position is organized, creative, and excited about creating opportunities for members of the Flipside community to express themselves. Contact

Disinformation Kiosk

The Disinformation Kiosk Lead has the general responsibility of providing a forum for the community to tell itself what is going on at the event. Contact

Flags/Camp Boundaries

The Flagging Lead is responsible for translating the theme camp placement map into actual, flagged boundaries on-site at the event. Flagging generally occurs the weekend before the opening day of the event. The Flagging Lead uses a variety of tools to accurately lay out each theme camp's boundary. The Flagging Lead usually works closely with the Placement Lead and the Cartography Lead to ensure each camp is allocated its proper space. The Flagging Lead also works closely with the InterZone Coordinator prior to the event to resolve boundary issues caused by misplaced flags, absent flags, or improperly measured boundaries. Contact


The Placement Lead is responsible for placing each theme camp, art installation, and event infrastructure. This lead works closely with each theme camp (both directly and through the Theme Camp Liaison and with several Art Area volunteers to ensure that the needs of the participants are met along with the needs of the event. The Placement Lead is responsible for interpreting the data provided by placement registrants and translating this information into a master plan for the entire event. Candidates for this position must be excellent communicators with strong diplomacy skills. This lead is expected to communicate regularly via e-mail and telephone, as well as speaking publically at Town Halls and Road Shows. The Placement lead works closely with the InterZone Coordinator on-site to ensure the smooth placement of theme camps. Because of the nature of this position, candidates will be required to undergo an in-depth interview and screening. This position has generally required a minimum of 120 man hours prior to the event and a willingness to be on call several hours per day (or more) for the first three days of the event. Contact

Theme Camp Liaison

The Theme Camp Liaison facilitates communication and cooperation between the Placement Lead and theme camps. This person might also help build villages, facilitate communication between camps, and generally help things run smoother in the city of Pyropolis. Contact

Area: Communications

Area Facilitator: Julie Nodine Contact

Content (*)

The Content Lead serves in an editorial position for content posted to the burningflipside.com web site, for Flipside Flame publication, and for the Flipside Broadcast System videos. Content typically will be event- or community-oriented in nature, and frequently under the direction of the LLC. Strong spelling and grammar skills are a necessity. Contact

Flipside Flame (*)

This lead's work has become a part of the Content Lead's job. The Flipside Flame will now go hand-in-hand with the newly formed Flipside Broadcast System, where print media will meet digital video, and provide new outlets for information relase.

The Flipside Flame Lead is responsible for soliciting content for, organizing, and publishing the Flipside Flame to the austin-announce list. The Flame ideally should go out once every two or three weeks. The ideal Flipside Flame lead is excited about being a conduit for new event information, is well-organized, is an excellent communicator and solicitor of desired content. The lead should be able to collate the information and have it published in a timely fashion to meet the desired timeline. Contact

Media Liaison (*)

The Media Liaison Lead is the resource and contact for any media source who wants to cover the event. The Media Liaison also organizes the policies by which the participants are allowed to take pictures and shoot videos of their experiences at the event. To be the Media Liaison, you should be a good people person, have an understanding of mass media, and have some knowledge of dealing with the media as a representative of the Flipside organization in case of emergencies. Contact

Survival Guide Lead (*)

The Survival Guide Lead is responsible for obtaining content for and editing the Survival Guide. Contact

Ticket Distribution (tickets@burningflipside.com)(*)

The Ticket Distribution Lead is responsible for being in charge of everything pertaining to the distribution and sale of tickets to the event. This lead is *not* responsible for overseeing the design or printing process (that's the Sticket Design/Ordering lead). This lead is encouraged to recruit some assistants. To fill this position, you should be an organized person who can meet deadlines and doesn’t mind fielding lots and lots of questions. Contact

Website Admin (*)

The Website Administration Lead is responsible for the technical operations of the burningflipside.com web site. The Website Admin evaluates and recommends hosting services and technologies to be implemented for the organization's web site. This Lead also installs software, grants administrative access to appropriate individuals, and helps maintain general availability and uptime on the site. Contact

Area: Genesis

Area Facilitator: Maxine Bockoff Contact

Greeters Lead

The Greeters Lead is responsible for coordinating all of the details of greeting the participants that arrive at Flipside, acutely increasing their excitement about the event, and educating them about Flipside's core values. This position requires excitement and exceptional patience. You must be able to delegate and motivate. Experience as a Greeter is a must. Contact

InterZone Coordinator

The InterZone Coordinator is responsible for supervising the Zone Czars (Greeters) by helping theme campers locate their placement site at the event. This individual manages each of the Zone Czar teams and provides direction when needed. The InterZone Coordinator helps resolve camp placement issues in lieu of the Placement Lead and/or the City Planning AF. This is an important position requiring the individual to be on call for the first 72 hours of the event. The InterZone Coordinator generally works long hours for the first three days of the event. The InterZone Coordinator maintains the Zone Placement Guides, oversees radio distribution to Zone Czars, ensures Zone Czars (Greeters) and Genesis personnel take breaks, get food & water, and are relieved in a timely manner. The InterZone Coordinator may be required to travel frequently between the Greeter Station and each of the Theme Camp Zones. This is a demanding volunteer position requiring the candidate to go through a formal interview process and subsequent training before being assigned a position. Contact

Parking Lead

The Parking Lead is responsible for working with the land owners, greeters and rangers to create the best possible parking environment. Considerations for the volume of vehicles, congestion and safety are all handled by the Parking Lead, with the assistance of their pool of volunteers and other entities. The Parking Lead must be patient, diligent, organized, and effective when dealing with conflict. Contact

Area: Safety

Area Facilitator: Serious Contact

Echelon (*)

Echelon is the name of the Safety Support Department. Contact

Fire Safety Lead (*)

The Fire Safety Lead is responsible for coordinating, organizing, and leading the Pyropolis Fire and Rescue Department. This Lead should have a history of fire suppression duties, preferably with emergency management supervisory experience. Contact

Guardian (Perimeter)(*)

Guardians/Perimeter Lead: The Guardians Lead is responsible for securing the event boundary and coordinating with Rangers, LLC, etc. in the event of gatecrashers. Are there participants accidentally meandering beyond the event boundary? We got your back and will gently point you back towards the "MAGIC SPARKLE UNICORN RAINBOWS" inside Flipside! Hooraaay!! Curious, unwaivered, or otherwise non-ticketed persons and/or BEARS trying to sneak into Flipside? The Guardians Lead maintains expertise on the event boundary and surrounding terrain; he/she also trains, recruits, supports, and transports our intrepid spooks to keep unticketed folks out and protect the sanctity of our beloved Pyropolis. Also, pandas.

Motto: "Nulli Expugnabilis Hosti", taken from a military motto originating in Gibraltar.

This is the best-fed department at Flipside. Word. Contact


The Meteorology Consultant (or Lead) is a single-volunteer department of Burning Flipside.

Ranger Lead (*)

The Ranger Lead is responsible for organizing Ranger operations for the Burning Flipside event season. This Lead should have previous history as a Pyropolis Ranger, preferably as a shift lead. Black Rock City Ranger experience is also a plus, but not required. Many, many people will interact with this lead. This Lead position should have a good knowledge of the Flipside organizational structure, be well organized, a reliable and understanding communicator, and capable of delegating tasks to avoid being overwhelmed with the details of the position. This position is a liability lead and will oftentimes be in high demand.

To volunteer for 2019 Pyropolis Rangers, go to https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSc-XulFs86xPRMNH9sUzvqnoNQqkt24bKZdGXn9hthUVnPO6g/viewform Any other questions: rangerlead@burningflipside.com Contact

Sanctuary (*)

Sanctuary supports the burn community's mental and emotional well-being. We are staffed by trained volunteers who provide a safe low-stimulus environment for participants that are disoriented, grieving, and mentally or physically fatigued. Sanctuary is a place of temporary asylum, where burners can find their fun again, and then take on the city anew. Contact

Sound Marshal (*)

The Sound Lead establishes sound decibel level criteria that meet requirements to minimize sound impact on the neighboring community. This is a liability lead position and requires assembling and training "sound marshals" who monitor and enforce sound policies at the event. Excellent communication skills, organization, and a willingness to formulate and disseminate vital sound information to the Flipside community prior to the event are paramount to this position. Contact

Area: Site Prep

Area Facilitator: Susan Shelton Contact

Land Search (*)

We're always on the lookout for the perfect spot to host the next Flipside. Someplace with a creek or a river where they don't mind all the noise and silliness that make up our event. The Land Search Lead is Flipside's seeker of Utopia. Contact


The Roads Lead works with leads in the City Planning department to ensure roads on site are maintained during work weekends. If new roads are needed, or existing roads need significant changes, the lead also coordinates that activity with the interested parties. The amount of road work varies by year, from having to carve out new roads throughout and entire city to no work at all.

Waiver Wrangler (Mistress of Important Papers)(*)

The Waiver Wrangler is responsible for work weekend waivers, and various other waiver organization the LLC may need throughout the year.

Work Weekend Communications

The Work Weekend Communications Lead sends out information about work weekends (dates, things you need to know, etc.) and helps garner volunteer support for our outings to improve the land. Contact

Work Weekend Tools and Supplies

We can't work the land with just our hands, yo. Well, we could, but after some trial and error, we discovered using tools aids the efficiency of this process. The Work Weekend Tools and Supplies Lead is charged with borrowing tools (as needed) to work on the event site, securing rentals (as needed), and checking out any warehouse tools for use over work weekends. Also, this lead is responsible for coordinating getting the tools to and from the site. You don't have to be able to haul them there yourself, but knowing someone with a truck or two wouldn't be a bad thing for this lead.

Area: Site Sign-Off

Area Facilitator: David Morra Contact

Clean-up Lead

This lead is responsible for the returning of the land to a state equal or better than when Burning Flipside personnel arrived. Generally this has been the organization of volunteers to remove any MOOP left behind and restore any burn scar or effigy remnants. Clean-up as a department, has more information. Contact

Earth Guardian Lead

The Earth Guardian Lead is responsible for Leave No Trace and Sustainability education and action. For more information, refer to the Earth Guadians department. Contact


The Exodus Lead (formerly GTFO) is tasked with ensuring a safe and orderly exodus from Burning Flipside. Additionally, they work with participants and other volunteers to ensure their area is clean and MOOP free prior to leaving.

In specific, in order to begin the restoration efforts necessary to return the land to a pristine state participants not involved must be off the property by the pre-determined time (Monday 5pm). Exodus is empowered to ensure this happens! Contact

Recycling Lead

The Recycling Lead facilitates Flipside's recycling operations. Responsibilities include the organization for the collection, sorting and eventual removal of recyclable items and organization of volunteers. Contact

Area: Site-Ops

Area Facilitator: Robin Contact

Boundaries and Safety Signage (CrazyLegs)

The Boundaries and Safety Signage Lead is responsible for evaluating the need for, creation of, and execution of a plan utilizing signs to promote safety during the event. This Lead also coordinates the following: placement of boundary tape around the event's perimeter, placement of safety signs at Gate and Greeters, and placement of signs that alert participants of safety hazards such as high-density cactus areas, cliff edges, slippery surfaces and other potential hazards that could result in injury. Contact

Cartelle (Site Ops Echelon)

The key master. This lead is responsible for keeping track of who has and who is authorized to have golf carts, heavy equipment, and non-safety radios on site. Contact

Equipment Vendor Liaison (*)

The Equipment Vendor Liaison is responsible for conducting business with vendors to secure all rentals (generators, light towers, heavy equipment, and anything that isn't medical, ice or a toilet -- those are different leads) for the event. This person should be at least six-and-a-half-dozen times more organized than my Trapper Keeper was when I was in school, and will need to maintain professional relationships with vendors. Contact

Fuel (Fuel)

The Fuel Lead is responsible for coordinating the fuel needed to power the Motor Pool, infrastructure generators, and other infrastructure fuel ordering needs. Contact

Ice Lead (*)

The Ice Lead is responsible for all aspects of planning and executing ice sales at Flipside. Contact

Load In/Out Transpo (*)

The Infrastructure Transpo Lead is responsible for coordinating the loading and transportation of infrastructure items to and from the event site. The Transpo Lead should be organized and committed; the effigy doesn’t get built if it never shows up. Contact

Power / Electrical

The Power/Electrical Lead is responsible for ensuring safe and reliable power for infrastructure. Infrastructure groups requiring power/electrical needs are the Effigy, PETS, Rangers, Fire Safety, Sanctuary, Ice, Greeters, Safety Lighting, Radio Communications, Parking, the Grove.

Pre / Post Ops

The Pre/Post Ops Lead is responsible for coordinating the volunteer labor pool who will assist with infrastructure setup for Flipside. Unlike the Shaven Apes, Pre/Post Ops deals specifically with helping set up the various pieces of infrastructure such as carports, the radio tower, etc. The Pre/Post Ops Lead should be well organized, a good communicator, have a decent knowledge of the organizational structure, and capable of recruiting a pool of volunteers willing to help out with heavy lifting and other backbreaking, sweaty work. Pre/Post Ops are /not/ simply Flipside's grunt workforce; all Leads should be recruiting their own help. Pre/Post Ops are the heroes who make everything much easier. Contact

Radio Communications (*)

The Radio Communications Lead is responsible for organizing the radio system used to connect the various organizations at Flipside. This lead should have a decent knowledge of radio technology and the available systems at Flipside's disposal; in addition the lead should be communicative and well-organized. Contact

Safety Lighting

The Safety Lighting Lead is responsible for ensuring that any hazardous areas of Pyropolis are appropriately lit.

Sanitation (Porta Potties)

The Sanitation Lead is responsible for coordinating the contract with the Port-o-Pottie vendor regarding delivery, pickup, stocking and servicing of the port-o-potties at Flipside. The ideal lead for this position should be organized, friendly, and willing to put up with a little shit. Just kidding. Kinda. Contact

Shaven Apes Lead

Shaven Apes are a group that help the community through grunt labor. Helping to set up a tent, build a dome, get a car unstuck, etc. are the type of tasks that the Apes undertake. Apes are informal, in that a participant does not have a "right to Apes", but they can certainly ask. Apes in general do NOT undertake the setting up of infrastructure. The ideal person for this position is organized, communicative, and has an understanding of the types of roles they imagine the Shaven Apes to perform. Contact

Area: Volunteer Coordinator

Area Facilitator: Tamara Spach Contact

Volunteer Assistance Squad lead

The Volunteer Assistance Squad is responsible for making sure that all of the on-site volunteers at Flipside have the tools required to accomplish their goals. Contact