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Recycling is a volunteer-driven department of Burning Flipside under the Site Sign-Off area which is responsible for coordinating community recycling at Flipside and dropping collected recyclables off at a local recycling facility. Up until 2012, Recycling fell under the Earth Guardians lead position, but Recycling quickly started to take on a life of its own, and so for Flipside 2012, a separate lead position was created for it.

Recycling at Flipside happens at Recycling Camp, and most of the work is done the last couple of days of the event and the day after, although some planning and prep work is also necessary in the months prior to Flipside.

The Recycling Lead is responsible for planning recycling logistics, recruiting people to work recycling shifts, organizing the schedule, securing the Recycling Truck, and coordinating drop-off with the recycling facility. Other teams like the Earth Guardians help with outreach and education and Clean-up helps ensure Recycling leaves no trace.

Care to Volunteer??

Sign up by editing our Recycling volunteer page.

Earth Guardian Resources

Earth Guardin' ain't easy, so we're providing some printable resources. Remember, sorting in advance in your camp is easier than having to sort through your stuff later at recycling.

  • Recycling Materials Signs. A 5-page PDF, containing all the signage you'll need for your camp to separate its recycling. Each page has 2 signs.
  • Recycling Overview Sign. A 1-page PDF, which contains all of the basic info you need to know about Recycling: our hours, what we'll take, how it should be separated, various tips, etc.

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