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Every year Flipside has a theme. This theme is meant to serve as an inspiration for art work, costumes, or other participation. The effigy design is usually based, at least loosely, on the theme as well.

The theme is selected by the community during the Fall Town Hall.

Past Themes

Year Location Theme Effigy
1999 Recreation Plantation Countdown to Armageddon HA
2000 Recreation Plantation Pyropolis The City
2001 Recreation Plantation Home on the Strange The Stranger
2002 Recreation Plantation Down the Rabbit Hole The Joker (House of Cards)
2003 Recreation Plantation Dreams of Chromatic Distraction The Sandman
2004 Recreation Plantation Glitter Monkey Rodeo Hanuman
2005 Recreation Plantation Innergalactic Circus Rocket
2006 Flat Creek Fall from Grace Chalice
2007 Flat Creek Symphony of Construction The Conductor
2008 Flat Creek Dr Tiki's Combustible Medicine Show The Hula Girl
2009 Flat Creek Freakalicious Safari The Freak
2010 Apache Pastures Post Apocalyptic Prom The Texas Tango
2011 Apache Pastures Bad Idea Burning Bridges
2012 Apache Pastures Freaky Deeky Time Machine The Time Machine
2013 Apache Pastures The Bandersnatch Boobytrap The Beast
2014 Apache Pastures By Lurko's Beard The Lair of the Beard
2015 Apache Pastures Wizards of Odd Magical Thinking
2016 Apache Pastures No We Wee Whee