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Austin Artistic Reconstruction (AAR) is the Limited Liability Company, commonly called the "LLC," that puts on Burning Flipside. The LLC bears the legal and financial risks and responsibilities of the event, and provides the necessary business face to operate in the default world. Since these risks and responsibilities rest upon its members, the LLC has the final decision in financial, legal, and all other Flipside-related policies and other obligations.

Current Members

  • Izzi
  • Adam Rice
  • Patrick Boyd (Problem)
  • Katrina Decker
  • J Cooper Crouse

Past Members

  • Chris Byrd (Champa)
  • Jeremy Porter (Cypher)
  • Ryan Green (Bonobo)
  • Cheri Nightingale
  • Karen Pittman (Vivid)
  • Prost - Mayor of Flipside (as part of Austin Artistic Deconstruction, LLC)
  • George Paap (St. Tiki) (as part of both Austin Artistic Deconstruction, LLC, and Austin Artistic Reconstruction, LLC)
  • Pat Wheaton
  • Rodney Guerra
  • Jen Conway (Texas Ice Queen)
  • NobodobodoN (Russell Mystiek)
  • Chris Lord (Ghost)
  • Sparky Anderson
  • Beth Cotton
  • Thomas (Thomas Monclova)
  • Princess