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Pyropedia is a wiki containing information about Burning Flipside. It is used for volunteer sign ups, job descriptions, etc.

Organizational tips to maximize your wiki usage:

  • add links to other areas of the wiki that will be helpful to the reader
  • when you edit a page, click the "watch this page" checkbox to get informed when other people edit the page
  • think about what information is particular to a specific site (Flat Creek, Apache Pastures) and what will be relevant every year
  • when one page gets too long, break it up into sub-pages
  • you can create sub-sections of various areas by using a slash in the name to keep the page names from conflicting. For example if you have a page about meetings for the leads group, instead of calling it "Meetings", call it "Leads/Meetings" so that there can also be a "Safety/Meetings" or a "SiteOps/Meetings" page.

If you're looking for help with using this wiki software, check out the help page.