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Area Facilitators (AFs) act as lead wranglers.

AFs oversee a number of Lead departments organized by operational similarity into area. They ensure that the leads in their area are able to accomplish their departments’ operational tasks. Appointed by AAR, LLC each year long before the Flipside season gets started, AFs are time-intensive, year-round positions with an expectation of 2-3 years of service. AFs are chosen due to their extensive experience with the Flipside volunteer organization.

More specifically, Area Facilitators are managerial and administrative resources to their Leads and the rest of the Flipside volunteer community. They provide budgetary guidance and operational support to their Leads. When situations involving Leads or volunteers need to be escalated to a higher level of authority, AFs serve as mediators to assist with resolution.

AFs should therefore understand on a basic level how each department within their Area operates in order to provide adequate support to their Leads and volunteers. Additionally, AFs should understand the structure of the greater Flipside volunteer community on an organizational level; how the other Areas operate and interact and the relationships they have to AAR, LLC and CC.

AFs should have excellent volunteer management and communication skills. Because of the tactical nature of their role, AFs are typically on the front-lines of volunteer operations, visible and accessible to their Leads and the rest of the volunteer community both at the event and throughout the year.

The Area Facilitator positions include:

Responsibilities and Deliverables

Area Facilitators are expected to take over the role sometime in the summer after Flipside. We ask that they maintain that role for a minimum of two years.

They serve as executors of the policy and direction given to them by the Combustion Chamber and AAR, LLC.

AF's are strongly encouraged to maintain steady lines of communication with the other AF's to have a better understanding of how the entire event runs, and how the overall planning process is progressing. Some ways to do this are:

  • submitting weekly status reports to the AreaLeads mailing list
  • attending AF meetings and socials
  • attending the weekly CC meeting

AF's are expected to check in with the Leads assigned to their Area to make sure everything is running smoothly. AF's should allow the natural leadership styles of the Leads in their Area dictate how they operate their individual role (i.e. no micromanaging). However, in some extreme circumstances, AF's may be asked by the CC or AAR, LLC to assist one of their Leads more directly with their responsibilities and help them achieve their goals more efficiently. Also, if they witness a Lead operating in a way that puts their tasks at risk or is detrimental to other volunteers, they should bring that to the attention of the Volunteer Coordinator and AAR, LLC.

Best Practices

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