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Current AF: Stephy
Contact: Contact


The Art AF is the operational manager in charge of all art-specific activities and leads. The AF is the organization behind the creativity and logistics or art. A passion for art and for the community are key, as well as a commitment to being a voice in strong support for the enabling of artists' creations.

Responsibilities and Deliverables

  • Manage the Art Leads
  • Promote Art at Flipside

Leads that Report to This AF

Current Art AF


Previous AFs

  • 2016 Dotti
  • 2015 Dotti
  • 2014 Dotti
  • 2013 Bradley
  • 2012 Kris Blahnik (Krahnik Blis)
  • 2011 Kris Blahnik
  • 2010 Genevieve Sprinkle
  • 2009 Lucretia "Lucky" Krause
  • 2008 Lucretia "Lucky" Krause