Boundaries and Safety Signage

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Boundaries and Safety Signage
Area: Site-Ops
Current Lead: Sean Moore aka CrazyLegs (206.200.9487)
Contact: Contact


Area: Site-Ops

The Boundaries and Safety Signage Lead is responsible for evaluating the need for, creation of, and execution of a plan utilizing signs to promote safety during the event. This Lead also coordinates the following: placement of boundary tape around the event's perimeter, placement of safety signs at Gate and Greeters, and placement of signs that alert participants of safety hazards such as high-density cactus areas, cliff edges, slippery surfaces and other potential hazards that could result in injury.

Responsibilities and Tasks

Pre-Event -- Planning Activities - Dept Lead

  • Evaluate & Document (spreadsheet & photo gallery) existing inventory of safety signage & boundary fencing from previous year(s)
  • Identify & Specify any missing or worn signage/materials to meet the needs of current year & and any future planning needs
  • Obtain Sign-Offs & Approval from Safety AF or other required parties for Signage Proofs & Capital Purchases of new materials.
  • Order New Materials/Signage at least 3 weeks before event.
  • Proof & Inspect all New Signage/Materials received before event.
  • Update inventory to reflect any added or modified Signage/Materials, including adding images to gallery.
  • Recruit & confirm volunteers needed for Signage & Fencing Deployment on-site.
  • Notify AF of contact info for all volunteers.
  • Create & Share volunteer work schedule with AF, including arrival & departure times with indication of needed EA passes.
  • Update Radio List with required radios/mics needed for dept.

Pre-Event -- On-Site Setup

  • Coordinate with AF and other depts about what activities will be taking place and where.
  • Check-out Side-by-Side or Golf Cart for Deployment activities.
  • Make sure all volunteers understand their assigned activities, have signed their waiver, possess the proper PPE & understand any safety concerns, and how to properly communicate any issues that may come up.
  • Volunteers gathers inventory from container as needed, then proceeds with Fencing & Signage Deployment Activities.
  • Dept Lead shall take pictures of signs & fencing once they have been fixed in place around the event.
  • Confirm with AF that all necessary boundaries are sufficiently covered, and that all signs properly mounted. Adjust as needed. May be weather dependent.
  • Return Side-by-Side or Golf Cart for use during the event by other depts, as well as any radios/mics not in-use.
  • Dept lead shall make note of hours worked by each volunteer, as well as any no-shows, changes, or incidents. Dept lead or AF shall update Volcor as soon as possible.

During Event

  • Dept lead will remain on-call during the event to add or remove signage or fencing to accommodate changing weather or land conditions.

Post-Event -- On-Site Breakdown

  • Check-out Side-by-Side or Golf Cart for Deployment activities.
  • Volunteer team works together to Break-Down & Collect signage, fencing, posts, and any mounting materials in the order designated by dept lead or AF.
  • Dept lead shall take pictures of all the inventory and make note of any damage or missing items. Update inventory spreadsheet and image gallery back in default world.
  • Return all inventory to the storage container. Make sure to neatly roll up fencing and stack and store signs safely & securely so as to prevent damage during transport and storage in the off-season. (when appropriate or when asked to do so by AF)
  • If team finishes early, and plans to remain on-site for the remainder of the day, they are encouraged to assist other departments with breakdown where possible.
  • Return any Radios & Carts and collect ID's.

Post-Event -- Default World

  • Dept lead shall furnish a post-event recap to the Safety-AF, detailing the activities performed, any notable commendations, incidents, recommendations, comments, etc.
  • Update Volcor and inventory as needed.


Safety Signage Google Spreadsheet: Flipside Safety Signs Master List

Other Entities/Leads with Whom the Lead Likely Will Collaborate

Volunteer to Help the Boundaries and Safety Signage

This department does not have a volunteer wiki page. You can find out more information about volunteering in this department by contacting the lead.

Current Boundaries and Safety Signage

Sean Moore aka CrazyLegs (206.200.9487)

Previous Leads

  • 2017 Charles Hueter
  • 2016 Charles Hueter
  • 2015 Mike Jester
  • 2014 Mike Jester
  • 2013 Mike Jester
  • 2012 Mike Jester
  • 2011 Mike Jester