Burn Night Coordinator

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Burn Night Coordinator
Area: Art
Current Lead: Zac Crawford
Contact: Contact


Area: Art

The orchestrator of the final show! This lead coordinates with representatives from several Areas of Pyropolis: Procession, DaFT, Rangers, PETS, Safety, to name a few. This person gathers the needs and plans of each team and weaves them together into a smooth play of events and coordinated response among players. Main responsibility is Sunday of the event (from noon until the effigy is ashes!)

Responsibilities and Tasks

Prepare all relevant parties prior to the event for the processes of burn/unburn sequences. Prior to event, lay out a noon-to-(un)burn sequence that includes all parties' roles and schedules. Attend event Saturday LLC/AF/Safety meeting. Attend event Sunday go/no-go meeting. Take leadership role in facilitating the steps for all interacting parties. Be on com to answer all questions, be able to multitask. Give "go" signals to Procession, Fire Conclave, Pyro, etc. Ensure a seamless sequence of ceremonies and celebrations. Requires much of noon-midnight Sunday of the event.

Other Entities/Leads with Whom the Lead Likely Will Collaborate

Volunteer to Help the Burn Night Coordinator

This department does not have a volunteer wiki page. You can find out more information about volunteering in this department by contacting the lead.

Current Burn Night Coordinator

Zac Crawford

Previous Leads

  • 2014 Zac Crawford
  • 2013 Zac Crawford
  • 2012 Zac Crawford
  • 2011 Lance Hunter
  • 2010 Lance Hunter