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The Combustion Chamber (CC) is a group of Burning Flipside community members who provide feedback and direction from the Flipside community to AAR, LLC and the Flipside volunteer organization. While final decisions on policy and direction lie with AAR, LLC, the CC generally is the group that will propose and discuss policy changes with a goal of making a recommendation to AAR, LLC for implementation.


The CC is a community-nominated, self-selecting, consensus-based group that adds members on occasion to keep its numbers near around 10-20. The CC attempts to remain diverse so to represent as many community social groups as possible. All members of the community are invited and encouraged to attend CC meetings, however only CC members are able to vote on policy changes.

To aid in communication and understanding of discussions during the Flipside operational season, Area Facilitators are invited to come to CC meetings as a defacto member. Additionally, the members of the AAR, LLC attend CC Meetings.

Responsibilities of Members

CC Members discuss policies and the direction of Flipside at a very high level (the strategic vision of the event), and CC meetings are generally where major (and minor) changes are introduced and discussed.

The CC is not always or even usually the group that executes the decisions recommended by it, often it is Leads, Volunteers, Area Facilitators, etc. who will actually implement any policy changes discussed at CC meetings.

Terms of Commitment

Members of the CC are expected to serve for at least one year, and it is hoped that they will serve as long as they are an effective conduit from the community to the organization.


  • Participate in meetings, typically twice a month, as often as weekly. Meetings run from 2-3 hours each.
  • Participate in email discussion, about an hour each day.
  • Represent the Flipside Community to introduce, review, and discuss policy for the Burning Flipside event
  • Assist the entire CC in proposing policy and direction to AAR, LLC
  • Assist the entire CC, AAR, LLC and Area Facilitators in creating timelines for events.
  • Assist in the process described in Adding a CC Member

Tasks outside event:

  • Drafting / reviewing messages to the community as needed.
  • Accepting informal feedback from participants throughout the year
  • Bringing messages / proposals / complaints / suggestions from the Burning Flipside community to the CC for discussion.
  • Submitting proposals to AAR, LLC for final approval.

Tasks at Flipside:

  • Nothing formal, but gathering informal feedback from participants is encouraged

CC Meetings

CC Meetings are typically held twice a month on Monday at the Warehouse, and are open to the public. When possible, the CC agenda is communicated beforehand across the Austin-list, and CC Meeting Minutes are posted to the Burning Flipside website calendar afterwards.

CC Meeting House Rules

The CC has adopted some practices to assist in making meetings run smoother.

  • The Facilitator - a CC member is identified beforehand to guide the meeting and make sure it runs smoothly.
  • Stack - As topics on the agenda are introduced, a list of people who want to speak, known as the Stack, is kept. If someone wishes to add themselves to the stack, they simply raise their hand, and will be recognized by the person keeping the stack.
  • Twinkles - When someone says something another person agrees with, they are encouraged to flutter their fingers (a la Spirit Sprinkles or Jazz Hands) rather than take up unnecessary time by restating the other person's point. (For instances of intense support, "Mohawk Twinkles" can be displayed. In extremely passionate displays of support, 'Electric Slide Unicorn Twinkles' may be enacted).
  • "Decorum" - CC meetings are expected to be conducted respectfully, without inappropriate or sexually-charged humor. Anyone can call 'decorum' to reign the conversation back to task.


The Combustion Chamber (CC) was originally formed by AAR, LLC for the purpose of improving the communication to the greater Flipside community from AAR, LLC and the volunteer organization. It was also seen as a way to allow more people to influence the way that the Burning Flipside event matured. The original group was chosen for its' known ability to work well with others, and for past contributions to Flipside's growth.

Current Members

For Flipside 2014, the CC is comprised of:

  • Psyche
  • Ryan Green (aka Bonobo)
  • Clovis
  • Mayor Prost
  • St Tiki
  • Pat Wheaton
  • Beth Hancock
  • Kate Ludlow (aka Trailer Swift)
  • Doug Notfunnyatall
  • Kelley (aka Turtlebunnie)
  • Henry
  • Sparky
  • Casey Clough
  • Pixie Sunshine
  • Bryan "Breezy" Frolick
  • Shannon "decibel" Burns
  • Chris "Monkey" Lundberg
  • Kat Decker
  • Kati Taylor
  • Amy Floca
  • Cooper Crouse
  • Charlcye Mitchell (CC Scribe)
  • Christopher "Chim-Chim" Sabater (CC Scribe)

Former Members

  • Adam Rice
  • Trevor (Princess)
  • Izzi
  • Patrick Boyd (aka Problem)
  • Nobody
  • Tom Lambert
  • Rodney Guerra
  • Ava Destruction
  • Whatamelon
  • Sodium
  • Lance Hunter
  • Joe Schooler
  • Effie
  • Stephanie Taylor
  • Rocky Coleman
  •  !Bob (Bob Eells)
  • Casey Schmit
  • Marvalicious
  • Jen Conway
  • Jana Banana
  • Michael Snyder
  • Jen Gover
  • Ryan Hayes
  • Tatiana Starr
  • Rev Kev
  • Ghost
  • Sarah Miller
  • John Juan
  • Shannen Noark
  • June Kontvis
  • Gwen

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