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CC Meetings generally occur every other Monday at the Warehouse. They are open to the community at large, and members of the community at large are encouraged to attend.

Meetings are generally announced on the website and on the email lists.

CC Meeting House Rules

The CC has adopted some practices to assist in making meetings run smoother.

  • The Facilitator - a CC member is identified beforehand to guide the meeting and make sure it runs smoothly.
  • Stack - As topics on the agenda are introduced, a list of people who want to speak, known as the Stack, is kept. If someone wishes to add themselves to the stack, they simply raise their hand, and will be recognized by the person keeping the stack.
  • Twinkles - When someone says something another person agrees with, they are encouraged to flutter their fingers (a la Spirit Sprinkles or Jazz Hands) rather than take up unnecessary time by restating the other person's point. (For instances of intense support, "Mohawk Twinkles" can be displayed. In extremely passionate displays of support, 'Electric Slide Unicorn Twinkles' may be enacted).
  • "Decorum" - CC meetings are expected to be conducted respectfully, without inappropriate or sexually-charged humor. Anyone can call 'decorum' to reign the conversation back to task.