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Area: Site-Ops
Current Lead: TurtleBunnie
Contact: Contact


Area: Site-Ops

The key master. This lead is responsible for keeping track of who has and who is authorized to have golf carts, heavy equipment, and non-safety radios on site.

Responsibilities and Tasks

The basic rundown of responsibilities for the Cartelle is as follows:

- Keeping track of ALL LLC vehicles (golf carts, & gator carts) being used on site, and all non safety radios.  (To a certain extent we are a sister [site-ops] department to Safety's Echelon department.)  There is a schedule, and we just check that people return equipment on time, and that the equipment goes to the correct people next.

- Occasional light repair / emergency refueling of carts.   This does not happen often, but when it does we are expected to get the carts running again. Within reason.   (We don't necessarily expect volunteers to be mechanically proficient, and Cartelle lead will have a radio to be contacted if you encounter something beyond your capabilities.)

- Go-fer(s)  When we aren't expecting any cart or radio transfers, typically we hang around the Playa with our own cart & radio and pickup any odds & ends that need doing among site Ops.  (Rides, delivering supplies, get someone or a group of people that wouldn't normally get a cart, but need to get to somewhere quickly.)

Other Entities/Leads with Whom the Lead Likely Will Collaborate

Volunteer to Help the Cartelle

You can find more information about volunteering in this department here.

Current Cartelle


Previous Leads

  • 2018 Switch
  • 2017 Switch
  • 2016 Switch
  • 2015 Switch
  • 2014 Casey
  • 2013 Casey (done by Kat on site)
  • 2012 Casey - Position Created