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Area: Art
Current Lead: Seph
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Area: Art

The DaFT Lead is responsible for designing the effigy and leading the team that creates it. This position requires a strong commitment to the project, an ability to meet deadlines, ability to manage projects and budgets, and a positive attitude. It’s also a good idea to have some design and construction skills. There are many experienced people in the community who are available to help the DaFT Lead. This role will likely take 20-40 hours a week for most of the time from March through May. Construction of the effigy should ideally be finished by Friday of the event, but past years have had DaFT (and especially the lead) working until late Saturday.

Responsibilities and Tasks

  • January:
    • Finalize design and provide detailed blueprints, budget, build plan.
  • February:
    • Begin recruiting DaFT Team through info sessions, meetings, etc.
    • Start ordering materials and organizing warehouse for build season.
  • March:
    • Begin build process.
    • Be available to answer questions from all members of the team.
    • Interact with AAR, LLC, AF, safety, fire, transpo, site ops, volunteer coordinator.
  • April:
    • Build season in full force.
    • Core team is established and members begin showing their awesomeness and taking ownership of parts of the project.
    • Rhythm is established - time to incorporate "unskilled" or uninitiated volunteers from the community during Church Nights.
    • Begin planning of onsite build.
  • May:
    • Test build of effigy at warehouse.
    • Finalize transpo and site plans.
    • Finalize burn/unburn plans and work with relevant parties.
  • Event:
    • Arrive early and set up DaFT Camp.
    • Adhere as best as possible to build plan.
    • Liaise with Art AF and Site Ops for DaFT needs and last-minute emergencies.
    • Work with AAR, LLC to open effigy to participant public.
    • Try to get a few hours of enjoyment in at Flipside.
    • Prepare effigy for burn/unburn.
    • Burn/Unburn It!
    • Work with clean-up crew to scrape site and LNT.
    • Load equipment and such after event, unload at warehouse.

Other Entities/Leads with Whom the Lead Likely Will Collaborate

Volunteer to Help the DaFT

This department does not have a volunteer wiki page. You can find out more information about volunteering in this department by contacting the lead.

Current DaFT


Previous Leads

  • 2016 Kaleb
  • 2015 Kaleb
  • 2014 Lance
  • 2013 Kris Blahnik
  • 2012 Dotti Spearman
  • 2011 Dotti Spearman
  • 2010 Kris Blahnik
  • 2009 Eric Meyer
  • 2008 Jeremy Williams
  • 2007 Jeremy Williams
  • 2006 Visker
  • 2005 Dave Umlas
  • 2004 Dave Umlas
  • 2003 Beth England
  • 2002 Beth England