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Disinformation Kiosk
Area: Art
Current Lead: Beth
Contact: Contact


Area: Art

The Disinformation Kiosk Lead has the general responsibility of providing a forum for the community to tell itself what is going on at the event.

Responsibilities and Tasks

Disinformation Duties for Flipside

He works closely with the Map Lead, the Area Facilitator for Communications, the Events Guide Lead. Here are the main tasks that the DL has taken responsibility for in the past:

1. Design and Build a Disinfo Kiosk 2. Get a copy of the official Map from the Map Lead and print and laminate one or more copies of it to go on the Kiosk. 3. Assemble, organize, format, and print and laminate a condensed version of the Events Guide to go on the Kiosk. 4. Print and laminate smaller (handsized) copies of the Map to hand out to other Leads, as needed/requested.

These are the main tasks. Here are some of the details and smaller tasks.

1. Build and design: if you're not a good carpenter, find someone who is to volunteer to help you. Don't go too big: you want something manageable, and there's only going to be so much room on the truck going out to the event. Design it so you can build it in easily-stackable sections, put it together, paint it, and then disassemble it for transport out to the Site. You should design it in March, start building it in April, and then have it completed and ready to go by the first week of May. You'll have other tasks to do by May, so get it built early!

2 & 4. In the past, the Map Lead only designed the Map, she didn't want to deal with printing and laminating copies for use at the Event. So I took responsibility for that. This may continue, or someone else may step up and handle this task. In any case, you'll want a big (3 foot by 4 foot or so) Map to go on your Kiosk, so that people can see where Art, Theme Camps, Zones, Portopotties, etc are located. It *Must* be laminated, or else it will get torn by wind and ruined by rain. Print it in color. Laminate it in heavy laminate at a print shop. If no one else is printing maps, as was the case in past years, you might want to poll the Leads and see who might need 8 by 14 (handsized) maps for use out at the site. Usually Parking, Theme Camp Placement, Rangers, and PETS have needed such copies.

3. In the past, there was a separate Lead position called Event Guide Lead. This person put a form up on the website for Theme Camps and other Participants to list their Events that would take place during Flipside. That position is gone now? In any case, you assemble and edit all of the Events (Who is doing it, Where, When, and brief details) and then put them into a printable format. Laminate like for maps for placement on Kiosk.

Wrapping it all up:

Plan to be out there the day before the Event starts. Find a couple of helpers and the parts of your Kiosk, then assemble the Kiosk wherever it's supposed to go (near the Grove? someplace with lotsa foot traffic). Put your big laminated map on it. Put on your Events Guide. Leave some blank space for the community to put on their own stuff. Now go enjoy the event, cuz you're done.

Lead Summary by Sargon, First Minister of Disinformation

Other Entities/Leads with Whom the Lead Likely Will Collaborate

Volunteer to Help the Disinformation Kiosk

This department does not have a volunteer wiki page. You can find out more information about volunteering in this department by contacting the lead.

Current Disinformation Kiosk


Previous Leads

  • 2016 Caution
  • 2015 Tamerika
  • 2014 Cheyne Maclaskey
  • 2013 Tamerika
  • 2012 Tamerika
  • 2011 Brent
  • 2010 Scott Kentros
  • 2007 Sargon
  • 2006 Sargon