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Thank you for visiting the Pyropolis Earth Guardian wiki page! Here, you will find information about what Earth Guardians do and how you can be one at Flipside.

Earth Guardians are responsible for spreading the word about Leave No Trace practices before, during, and after the event, providing tips and advice for making Flipside more sustainable. Earth guardians work with theme camps to make sure each camp has plans for dealing with trash and recycling. Earth guardians also inspire the community to reduce our ecological impact by embracing sustainability practices. Earth guardians lead by example, working closely with clean-up and recycling teams and walking the event site themselves, reminding all to collect MOOP for proper disposal

Care to Volunteer?

Sign up for MOOP Parade by editing our Earth Guardian Volunteering page or email Mulch, the Earth Guardian lead [ ]

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Questions? Ideas? Other?

E-mail Mulch, Earth Guardian Lead
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E-mail Wrinn, Site Sign-off Area Facilitator
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