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Effigy - n. \ˈe-fə-jē\ -

  • an image or representation especially of a person;
  • a crude figure representing a hated person

At Flipside the effigy is the central art piece. It is constructed by DaFT during the months leading up to Flipside. The culmination of Flipside is the burn of the Effigy.

The following have been the official effigy at Burning Flipside:

Year Name
2013 The Beast
2012 The Time Machine
2011 Burning Bridges
2010 The Texas Tango
2009 The Freak
2008 The Hula Girl
2007 The Conductor
2006 The Chalice
2005 The Rocket
2004 Hanuman (a.k.a The Monkey)
2003 The Sandman
2002 The Joker (a.k.a The House Of Cards)
2001 The Stranger
2000 The City