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An electronic mailing list (also called email lists or simply lists) is a special collection of email addresses, by voluntary subscription, which itself can be emailed. Sending a message to this special address sends that message to everyone subscribed.

For Burning Flipside purposes, a list has the appearance of

There are lists created for the entire burninating community, as well as special behind-the-scenes lists that coordinate the larger event.

If you don't know what the event is you're in the wrong Wiki.

Flipside Email Lists

  • Arealeads
  • Austin-Announce ?is this Flipside Announcements?
  • Austin-Chat [austin-chat at burnaustin dot org]
  • Austin-Events [austin-events at burnaustin dot org]
  • Austin-List [austin-list at burningman dot com]
  • BMAus-Leads
  • Burningman-list [burningman-list at burnaustin dot org]
  • CC [cc at lists dot burningflipside dot com]
  • Flipside Announcements [announce at burnaustin dot org]
  • LLC
  • Orfunner [orfunner at yahoogroups dot com]
  • Pyrogensis [pyrogensis at burnaustin dot org]

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