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Area: Site Sign-Off
Current Lead: Queen Belch
Contact: Contact


Area: Site Sign-Off

The Exodus Lead (formerly GTFO) is tasked with ensuring a safe and orderly exodus from Burning Flipside. Additionally, they work with participants and other volunteers to ensure their area is clean and MOOP free prior to leaving.

In specific, in order to begin the restoration efforts necessary to return the land to a pristine state participants not involved must be off the property by the pre-determined time (Monday 5pm). Exodus is empowered to ensure this happens!

Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Ensure the land is empty of anyone who shouldn't be there as soon as possible.

Other Entities/Leads with Whom the Lead Likely Will Collaborate

Volunteer to Help the Exodus

You can find more information about volunteering in this department here.

Current Exodus

Queen Belch

Previous Leads

  • 2019 Queen Belch
  • 2018 Groovy
  • 2017 Groovy
  • 2016 Groovy
  • 2015 Weeble
  • 2014 Weeble
  • 2013 Flame
  • 2012 Flame
  • 2011 Flame (GTFO)
  • 2010 Face (GTFO)