Fire Safety Lead

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Fire Safety Lead
Area: Safety
Current Lead: Hellkitty
Contact: Contact


Area: Safety

The Fire Safety Lead is responsible for coordinating, organizing, and leading the Pyropolis Fire and Rescue Department. This Lead should have a history of fire suppression duties, preferably with emergency management supervisory experience.

Responsibilities and Tasks

The Pyropolis Fire and Rescue Department monitors fire and life safety throughout the city, responds to uncontrolled wildfires and structure fires, and serves to monitor the effigy burn and any secondary burns to ensure safety.

Pyropolis Fire and Rescue Department management and response falls under the Incident Command System. The Pyropolis Fire and Rescue Department is responsible for overseeing all ICS duties which deal with fire suppression and victim or patient rescue.

Other Entities/Leads with Whom the Lead Likely Will Collaborate

Volunteer to Help the Fire Safety Lead

You can find more information about volunteering in this department [[RIGHT HERE|here]].

Current Fire Safety Lead


Previous Leads

  • 2015 Hellkitty
  • 2014 Hellkitty
  • 2013 Henry Arbuckle
  • 2012 Henry Arbuckle
  • 2011 Henry Arbuckle
  • 2010 Michael "Chango" Sutcliffe
  • 2008 Henry Arbuckle
  • 2007 Henry Arbuckle
  • 2008 Henry Arbuckle
  • 2005 Henry Arbuckle
  • 2004 Michael "Chango" Sutcliffe