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Hello and Welcome Flagging 2018! For those of you wondering, we mean placing little flags in the ground to designate the boundaries for theme camps and other stuff at Flipside! And not, flagging's other usage of generally being tired and moving slowly as a result, though, technically, if we don't get enough volunteers, then it's possible our flaggers will be flagging at their flagging role. So let's avoid that and tell your friends to volunteer for flagging.

If you want to sign-up, login, click on "Edit" above and enter your details into the table below.

Name Burner Name Email address Other things we should know
Example Burner ExoBurner cityplanningadmin18@burningflipside.com That's a real e-mail address for the City Planning Admin
Julianna Mello Deflater Mouse juliannammello@gmail.com
Catherine Reynolds MommaCat catscustoms@yahoo.com
Lisa Blackwell LondonBridge lisamichelleblackwell@gmail.com
Tamara Mixson n/a tamaramixson@gmail.com
Ste. Michelle stemichelle@justmichelle.com
Tony Davidson Shaman Mahna-Mahna anthonydavidson@gmail.com
Allison Canestaro Calamity Nonsense allisoncanestaro@gmail.com
Will Cline clinewb@gmail.com
Brittany Cline hibbs.brittany@gmail.com
Becky Kaet only1synergy@yahoo.com can you update me which day your doing this, thank you.
Amy amyhodges0711@gmail.com