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Flipside Flame
Area: Communications
Current Lead: Jen-Marie
Contact: Contact


Area: Communications

This lead's work has become a part of the Content Lead's job. The Flipside Flame will now go hand-in-hand with the newly formed Flipside Broadcast System, where print media will meet digital video, and provide new outlets for information relase.

The Flipside Flame Lead is responsible for soliciting content for, organizing, and publishing the Flipside Flame to the austin-announce list. The Flame ideally should go out once every two or three weeks. The ideal Flipside Flame lead is excited about being a conduit for new event information, is well-organized, is an excellent communicator and solicitor of desired content. The lead should be able to collate the information and have it published in a timely fashion to meet the desired timeline.

Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Soliciting Content for, organizing, and publish the Flipside Flame

Other Entities/Leads with Whom the Lead Likely Will Collaborate

Web Content

Volunteer to Help the Flipside Flame

This department does not have a volunteer wiki page. You can find out more information about volunteering in this department by contacting the lead.

Current Flipside Flame


Previous Leads

  • 2017 Jen-Marie
  • 2014 Susan
  • 2012 Kate Ludlow
  • 2010 Flamey
  • 2008 Delia Davila
  • 2006 Meagan "Dirty Snowflake" Clark
  • 2005 Marillee Ratcliffe