Flipside Organizational Matrix

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How It All Comes Together

Burning Flipside and the community that has evolved around it has several levels of organizational structure

Administrative Entities

Austin Artistic Reconstruction, LLC or AAR, LLC (Limited Liability Company) is the legal entity that puts on and assumes legal liability for the event.

The Combustion Chamber, or CC is a committee that acts as an advisory conduit between the participants of Flipside and AAR, LLC.

Event Operations Entities

Flipside cannot happen without the hard work and dedication of an army of volunteers.

The many operational aspects of Flipside are grouped together in Areas. These include:

Each Area can have several Leads grouped together by similar functions. Overseeing each area and the Leads in them is an Area Facilitator, or AF. They act as Lead wranglers and are responsible for facilitating interaction between leads in different areas, and also in understanding how each lead is going to be executing their tasks.

A Lead is a person who is responsible for heading up a functional task for Flipside, and any volunteers they need to accomplish their task.

Volunteers help Leads make Flipside go by assisting them with their task.

Participants also help make Flipside go, but not necessarily within the Flipside organizational structure.