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Primary Purpose

What is the primary purpose of Guardians? Why do we put so much effort into stopping people from entering the event without having a ticket? Our goal is not to stop people from having a good time. Or because it’s not fair for people to enter for free whereas everyone else had to pony up some cash to gain entry. While yes, that last part sucks, it is not the biggest issue. When a gate crasher enters the event, they are trespassing. They have entered the property illegally and have not signed a waiver. This means that the LLC and the landowner can be held responsible if our gatecrasher gets hurt. In the past, at other related events, uninvited guests have entered and attempted to cause harm to attendees. This, we cannot allow.

We are here to keep our participants safe as well as preventing people from entering the event and harming themselves.


There are a handful of positions that a volunteer can take to assist with the department.

The Shadow:

First and foremost, you are not here to chase people down and maim them.

Granted, that might just be fun, but we are not here to physically confront potential gate crashers.

The shadows job is to observe and report. To keep eyes on the situation and report incidents to Digital. Find unique identifiers. What is the perp’s height, gender, what are they wearing, do they have any unique features that can assist in helping others find this person? This can be more difficult to do at night, fortunately we do have night vision to assist with this, but this renders colors harder to determine.


As digital your job is to work with other departments: Rangers, Pets, Greeters, and the LLC to help locate any gate crashers. When you receive a report from one of your shadows, use your best judgement to determine the best place to be to maintain visual contact on the intruder. Call in to Khaki and give a description of our uninvited guest and they will dispatch rangers to assist in maintaining visual on them. Khaki or Digital will inform the LLC of the intruder, and once they arrive on scene the situation will play out in a way that cannot be predefined. Each incident is different same may become physical, but it is not our job to initiate that. Remember, these people have not signed waivers and assault is assault, even if they are assholes. As digital you will also want to keep your crew fed.

Zion’s communal Kitchen has a central location in the event and will always be willing to assist in making sure our Guardians are not without basic needs. We will have snacks and meals for you and the other volunteers. Check in to make sure everyone is safe, well fed, and hydrated. Relieve them from their positions for bio breaks or what have you. As you are travelling through the event keep an eye out for participant wrist bands. You will likely encounter someone who is not wearing one. This does not mean that they are gate crashers; they simply may have lost it in the creek or it may have fallen off/ broken. When you approach them, don’t do it in a manner that suggests you are suspicious. Nobody likes to be policed. But just ask them politely where their band might be and if it they can wear it. If it is broken or lost entirely, contact Khaki or some near by rangers. Have them escort the participant to their tent or car or where ever they need to go to acquire their ID and ticket in order to obtain a new wristband.

Guardian of the Day (12hr)

Essentially, the Guardian of the Day will keep a radio on them and support the Digital on shift in case of emergency. This position helps assist with shift change, picking up/dropping off night shadows for the river and corral patrol, as well as representing the Guardians Department if an Incident occurs at the event. Feel free to go about your normal day, have fun, but we ask that you maintain a modicum of clear headedness. Having an adult beverage here and there is certainly fine, but we need you at your best in case of emergencies.

Interested in helping?

That's because you are awesome. In fact, you may just be The Chosen One.... good for you. Below is the 2018 Guardians Sign Up Sheet. It is set to comment only, so do not panic when you do not see your comment pop up immediately. You can right click the box and leave a comment aka your name. An owner of the document (Froggy or Blue) will approve the comment and it will then be visible. Please only comment on shifts that are empty. We consider the shifts first come, first serve. So if the box already has a name, keep on cruising to the empty ones.


NOTE: We are encouraging people to do at least two shifts. Since we shortened the shift duration it means that there are now more shifts to be covered. Digital shifts will remain the same, 6 hours and you will be overlapping between shifts. If you are interested in being a Digital, we would like for you to have previously volunteered as a shadow, but will make exception in special circumstances. If you are interested, please contact Froggy or Blue at