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Welcome to ICE! My name is Charles aka "Drizzten" aka "Hooter" aka Ice Lead.

The Gift Economy rules Burning Flipside, but one commercial product is available: ICE! Please sign up for shifts below, and thanks so much for viewing this page. EVERY BODY NEEDS ICE! Please help!

Though Flipside is always subject to changes, Ice is normally located between the Effigy Field and Safety HQ. Look for the two 18-wheeler trailers and listen for bad sarcastic puns. Can't miss us.

Volunteering for Ice


Volunteering for ICE is the coolest. While even The Loneliest Wolf can sign up, we love to see big groups bring their own particular brand of awesome. Serve drinks, play your own music, throw a mini-party, come up with special outfits! Bring your weird to ICE! ICE is the place at Flipside where everyone goes. Show off what your theme camp is up to!

There are 1-3 (two hour) shifts at ice each day and 4 main volunteer positions needed for each shift, they are:

Pusher - person in the ice truck. This person will break down the palettes and will move the ice bags and blocks to the door of the truck where a Slinger will retrieve it. Gloves and warm clothes are recommended, non-slip shoes are absolutely required. (non-open toed shoes are strongly encouraged.) Slipping and falling are the big concerns here.

That said, working in a refrigerated trailer is a great way to keep cool on a hot Texas afternoon.

Slinger - retrieves ice from the truck and carries it to the counter. The slinger should be able to carry 5 bags of ice (packaged together). Gloves encouraged but not strictly required.

Cashier - rings up the ice on the register and handles money. The cashier lets the slinger know how many bags of ice are needed.

Shift/Safety Lead - one person needs to be the GO TO person or shift lead. It can get really busy sometimes and there needs to be one person that keeps their eye on the big picture, makes sure the other volunteers have everything they need (like ice water), checks the fuel in the generators, keeps an eye (both eyes!) on safety, resolves any unforeseen issues, keeps watch on the lounge equipment, and gets help if needed. Did I mention ice water?

Only one position can be worked by one person each shift because each is important. Please only sign up for one position per shift.

Ice Angels aka Earth Guardians - LNT (leave no trace) is part of our community commitment at Flipside. Learn it, live it, pass it to others! If you see a mess at the end of your shift, or anytime you're hanging at Ice, please help clean it up! Better yet, leave it better than you found it! Glam it up! It's our theme camp!

Music - There is no DJ signup, because we encourage shifts to bring their own music. We will have a PA system for you to use, with your own digital music player. NOTE: musical cleverness is always appreciated, but keep it fun and upbeat. E-mail to get confirmation on just how clever your tunes really are.  ;)


We've got stuff at Ice! Cash registers, furniture, lighting, etc, etc, that need getting ready, getting there, maintaining during the event, and then getting home. If you're interested in helping the team outside the shift hours, send an e-mail to including the following info: when you are available, how much time you have to commit, and a phone number. Thank you!

Sign-Up HERE, But Not Yet

SIGN-UP FOR 2019 IS NOT READY! Any signup data entered below will be ignored. I will not use the Wiki as the method of signing up this year, though it will have everyone's shifts displayed for reference. Please be patient, more info will come out as we get closer to March.


First Shift (12pm - 2pm)

Position Name Email Camp
Team Lead
Pusher Zach Serious
Pusher Jacob M. Badlands 2019
Slinger Alysha H Badlands HOA
Slinger Matt C. Badlands 2019
Cashier Jamie S. Badlands 2019
Cashier Michelle H Badlands 2019

Second Shift (2pm - 4pm)

Position Name Email Camp
Team Lead Coy Four Hundred Rabbits
Pusher Jordan Four Hundred Rabbits
Pusher Carl Four Hundred Rabbits
Slinger Sean Four Hundred Rabbits
Slinger Diesel Four Hundred Rabbits
Cashier Steven Four Hundred Rabbits
Cashier Alexis Four Hundred Rabbits

Third Shift (4pm - 6pm)

Position Name Email Camp
Team Lead SoniaS CampCamp
Pusher CampCamp CampCamp
Pusher Tom Davidson CampCamp
Slinger Ellen Hinds CampCamp
Slinger Psyche CampCamp
Cashier Kip CampCamp
Cashier Mel Brooks CampCamp


First Shift (12pm - 2pm)

Position Name Email Camp
Team Lead Anna Canvastic Fantastic
Pusher Alejandro Rainbow Lip Service
Pusher Buttercup (Scott) TAP
Slinger Keith Rainbow Lip Service
Slinger Wesley Rainbow Lip Service
Cashier Adrienne Rainbow Lip Service
Cashier Alex Casbians

Second Shift (2pm - 4pm)

Position Name Email Camp
Team Lead Dubs
Pusher Aunt Teen
Pusher Ross
Slinger JJ
Slinger Benny the Jet
Cashier Rush
Cashier Morgan

Third Shift (4pm - 6pm)

Position Name Email Camp
Team Lead RedTony (Tony) RedCamp
Pusher Ms. T (Misty) RedCamp
Pusher Whim (Scott) RedCamp
Slinger Hachi (Alexander) RedCamp
Slinger Big A (Anders) RedCamp
Cashier Mama Tiger (Maria) RedCamp
Cashier Mr. T (Thomas) RedCamp


First Shift (12pm - 2pm)

Position Name Email Camp
Team Lead Timothy Maxwell Spin Camp
Pusher Steve Gorman Wonder Lounge
Pusher Buttercup (Scott) TAP
Slinger Steam Bro Badlands
Slinger Luna badlands
Cashier Iris Clam Slam
Cashier Sleeping Nudie Clam Slam

Second Shift (2pm - 4pm)

Position Name Email Camp
Team Lead Carli Domenico Spaceside Seaship
Pusher Spaceside Camper
Pusher Spaceside Camper
Slinger Spaceside Camper
Slinger Spaceside Camper javensanti@gmail
Cashier Spaceside Camper
Cashier Spaceside Camper

Third Shift (4pm - 6pm)

Position Name Email Camp
Team Lead Mondro Sin
Pusher Brady Sin
Pusher Brent Sin
Slinger Mother Hen Sin
Slinger Bubba Sin
Cashier Oskar Sin
Cashier Saint Sinn Sin


First Shift (12pm - 2pm)

Position Name Email Camp
Team Lead Chrissy (Chris Caffey) RedCamp
Pusher Alex Macdonald Heroes and Villains
Pusher 8track (Blaine Indemaio) RedCamp
Slinger Perry Barham Heroes and Villains
Slinger Mark Parker RedCamp
Cashier The Astronaut (Andrew) RedCamp
Cashier Rivertrees (Deanna, David, Ava) RedCamp

Second Shift (2pm - 4pm)

Position Name Email Camp
Team Lead alfa BurninGlam
Pusher T Rey BurninGlam
Pusher David BurninGlam
Slinger content BurninGlam
Slinger StrategiCupcake BurninGlam
Cashier Angelique BurninGlam
Cashier candy BurninGlam

Third Shift (4pm - 6pm)

Position Name Email Camp
Team Lead Amy Blue Bar
Pusher tbd Blue Bar
Pusher tbd Blue Bar
Slinger tbd Blue Bar
Slinger tbd Blue Bar
Cashier tbd Blue Bar
Cashier tbd Blue Bar


ONLY Shift (12pm - 2pm)

Position Name Email Camp
Team Lead
Slinger Zoe Casbah
Cashier Susan Casbah