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Ice Lead
Area: Site-Ops
Current Lead: Ronin
Contact: Contact


Area: Site-Ops

The Ice Lead is responsible for all aspects of planning and executing ice sales at Flipside.

Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Planning and executing the sale of Ice at Flipside.

Other Entities/Leads with Whom the Lead Likely Will Collaborate

  • Fuel - To make sure the generator gets refueled.
  • Power / Electrical - To make sure the Ice trucks get a generator.
  • Placement - To make sure Ice get's placed somewhere the trucks can actually get to.

Volunteer to Help the Ice Lead

You can find more information about volunteering in this department here.

Current Ice Lead


Previous Leads

  • 2017 Kate Ludlow
  • 2016 Kate Ludlow
  • 2015 Case Melton, Fearful Leader
  • 2014 Case Melton
  • 2013 Tom
  • 2012 Tom
  • 2011 Sister Marvalicious
  • 2010 Sister Marvalicious
  • 2009 Sister Marvalicious
  • 2008 Mel y Champa