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InterZone Coordinator
Area: Genesis
Current Lead: Doc Mitz
Contact: Contact


Area: Genesis

The InterZone Coordinator is responsible for supervising the Zone Czars (Greeters) by helping theme campers locate their placement site at the event. This individual manages each of the Zone Czar teams and provides direction when needed. The InterZone Coordinator helps resolve camp placement issues in lieu of the Placement Lead and/or the City Planning AF. This is an important position requiring the individual to be on call for the first 72 hours of the event. The InterZone Coordinator generally works long hours for the first three days of the event. The InterZone Coordinator maintains the Zone Placement Guides, oversees radio distribution to Zone Czars, ensures Zone Czars (Greeters) and Genesis personnel take breaks, get food & water, and are relieved in a timely manner. The InterZone Coordinator may be required to travel frequently between the Greeter Station and each of the Theme Camp Zones. This is a demanding volunteer position requiring the candidate to go through a formal interview process and subsequent training before being assigned a position.

Responsibilities and Tasks

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Current InterZone Coordinator

Doc Mitz

Previous Leads

  • 2016 Doc Mitz
  • 2015 Reese Gibbons Schmit
  • 2014 Reese Gibbons Schmit
  • 2013 Tim
  • 2012 Joseph Noctum
  • 2011 Joseph Noctum and Syah
  • 2010 Reese Gibbons