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Burning Flipside 2010 Lost and Found Page

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Lost Items

Item Lost Camp of Loser Location Lost E-mail Address Phone Number Returned to owner, Thanks
Copy this line and the one before it then put in your own stuff inside these spaces
Black Gerber Multi-Plier Diesel Casbah/Waterloo Effigy - Lent to Pyro Team, never returned. frank.vida@gmail.com 956-206-9632 Not yet
Pink and Black Ostrich feather burlesque fan Circle of Fire effigy kshafer74@gmail.com 210-414-4300 Not yet
Trauma Kit (orange tackle box with an EMT sticker on top - belongs to Henry) Sparrow Camp Ranger HQ help@sexton.com 512.442.8222
Orange 7 gallon Gatorade cooler Lick and Suck Ranger HQ help@sexton.com 512.442.8222
Copper sculpture, 6'x3" coil with green glass pendulum inside Badlands Hanging in Starr's Pecan tree on the field eastsideorganics@yahoo.com 512.810.1717 Found! Thanks!
Tan tapestry w/ black print and GREEN SQUISHY BOWL! Zion Communal Kitchen Not certain. Probably near the effigy. thomas.unavailable@gmail.com 504.723.6134 THNX
Camera - Nikon Coolpix - Not sure of model because it was a friends. Lost it burn night. Skullfaukers Anonymous Not certain. Probably near the effigy. mister.ryan.james@gmail.com 713-303-5195 Namaste
black & white checkered messenger bag, full of clothes, phone charger, id, etc. lost from first camp in badlands, behind greeters station am told it was left in same first camp behind the greeters station razor_blade_butter_fly@hotmail.com 512.216.3317 post was deleted... why?
Black lace up knee high boots with clunky heels (7-7 1/2 womenz size) maybe Lava Lounge Friday night LATE akindofdawn[at]hotmail[.]com PLEASE RETURN TO ME... no ?'s asked but, lots of love & hugs to whomever returns them [two one four 429 six99eight]
White lace parasol modified with black ribbon & tulle (original pink ribbon is still visible) Winners Circle Sunday, before the burn, somewhere in Sound Town I believe libertie_ (at) hotmail (dot) com please email me =) RETURNED! THANK YOU!!!
black smith and wesson dagger in sheath (prop for costume) wonderlounge Divebar? Davidthepoolboy@gmail.com please email me.
turquoise bustier- size small or medium WonderLounge by the water? elsyd@mail2.pvco.net 512.940.2473 thanks!
you with the banana joke lava lounge lava lounge right before burn vajanabanana@gmail.com please email me. :)
Black wine tote with Napa Cellars logo A-Hole Serious Camp or thereabouts tom.ambiente@gmail.com 512-517-6885
Tortoise Ray Ban Wayfarer Shades B hole creek jumpicide@yahoo.com 832 651 4502
New Bottle of Lav Dr. Bronners Soap Jared w/t Wacky Shack P4 Apache Shore Beach/Creek desertstarchild at gmail Thanks!
Black Titanium Mens Wedding Ring Jared w/t Wacky Shack P4 Apache Shore Beach/Creek while looking for lost soap desertstarchild at gmail Thank you!
White "Tilley" hat (inherited it from my dad) Lick and Suck Lick and Suck help@sexton.com 512.442.8222 Returned - Thanks
Blue insulated water bottle Lick and Suck River help@sexton.com 512.442.8222
Black Mesh bag Lick and Suck River help@sexton.com 512.442.8222 (Yes I lost a LOT this year)
Red Checked leather mask CampCamp Art Ridge MutantGarage Gmail http://i62.photobucket.com/albums/h120/Starman97/BlogPics/Lost_mask_FS10.jpg Returned!
Black Prescription Safety Glasses with green lenses Country Club unknown m1lmascara5@yahoo.com thanks!
Fire poi (4in cylinder wicks) None (Badlands) Not sure thoricatha at gmail.com (512) 565-5306
Glass pipe with mushroom on bowl (USED ONLY FOR TOBACCO AND NICESPICE :) Human Carcass Wash Saturday night kitoconnell at pobox dot com 281-606-5398
216 magnetic spheres (all stuck together, possibly still in cube formation) Near the Effigy somewhere night of the burn liquis@gmail.com Danny 832-630-0200
Sliver "one ring" Temple of Dionysos/HCW In the river diana@dyionisiac.com 817 300 6509
Skippy's brown wooden spiral cane with ornate bronze top Human Carcass Wash Unsure. Possibly Human Carcass Wash or SDC dappergent at gmail dot com 832 4 nine four 571 four
Sunkyst's Black Ipod Mini with black flexible armband Mental Floss DaFT - Effigy therewolfe at yahoo.com seven one three 385 5833
green stainless steel water bottle w/ blue caribiner hook on top right behind the burn tent by the effigy night of the burn Djin_zero@yahoo.com Jimi 714 325 5883
18.5v craftsman battery for drill and light lick and suck my monkey Friday - lick and suck wayward at flyingmonkeybusiness dot com two one four - two one three - nine zero tutu
Coach sunglasses (black outside, flower print inside) odd ones river near Gaialand annainaustin at gmail dot com none
Nightmare before Christmas T-Shirt odd ones river near Gaialand annainaustin at gmail dot com none

Found Items

Item Found Camp of Finder Location Found E-mail Address Phone Number Returned to owner, Thanks
Copy this line and the one before it then put in your own stuff inside these spaces
Small black scissors Lick and Suck Effigy Stage - used by Itchy and Scratchy burlesque team help@sexton.com 512.442.8222
Blue water container, formerly full of donated water Human Carcass Wash Human Carcass Wash kitoconnell at pobox dot com 281-606-5398
good scissors on blue bungee strap Mash and Grab in the road by Mash and Grab lenell@gmail.com ...or in the road by Art Cars
blue flower print sarong sitting camp near the effigy maredith@gmail.com
Metal water bottle Lick and Suck near the effigy remnants during truck loadout (POST OP) help@sexton.com 512.442.8222
Harley Davidson Sun Visor Circle of Fire Circle of Fire errantember@yahoo.com
Wizard Hat Carpe Noctem Carpe Noctem Bar chefchris@gmail.com

Other Lost and Founds

Lost And Found @ Flipside

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