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Burning Flipside 2011 Lost and Found Page

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Lost Items

Item Lost Camp of Loser Location Lost E-mail Address Phone Number, etc Returned to owner yet?
Purple 'water box' bottle with black & white Sparkedelica logo sticker Sparkedelica between Zion and BAD Education lily@sparkedelica.net sticker is b&w w/ two hands pointing at each other not as of 6/13/11
black iPhone 3G Spread Eagles Nest dance floor by DJ booth jdnzero@gmail.com I gave you a turkey leg. please give me my phone! not as of Tuesday May 31
Large ocean/jewel-tone striped hula hoop DaFT on the effigy field where DaFT was sitting, burn night turtleinferno@gmail.com "It has blue, green, purple, and black stripes" Not yet
Black headscarf with red flames crispy somewhere at the event crispyburner@austin.rr.com It's a manufactured item, not a tied up handkerchief Not yet
Quart Size Kleen Kanteen, Large Mouth Myself Porta Potties near Bad Education anthroprose@gmail.com "no markings other than stainless" Not yet
Silver Cowboy Hat Camp Camp Camp Camp prost(at)justamonkey(dot)net Email Me! Not yet

Found Items

Item Found Camp of Finder Location Found E-mail Address Phone Number Returned to owner, Thanks
2 black bags, one containing a computer part sign off near DaFT camp wrinn1@gmail.com

Other Lost and Founds

Lost And Found @ Flipside

Lost And Found @ the Warehouse