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Burning Flipside 2014 Lost and Found Page

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Lost Items

Item Lost Owner's Camp Owner's name Owners' E-mail Phone Number Returned to Owner
BROWN LEATHER indian fringe hair wrap burning soul Yvil slyyvelvet@yahoo.com 713-303-4600
Dark Green Metal Starbucks mug with lid - Likely near the effigy field or at Ranger HQ Compassion Fatigue Ranger Grim grimster23@yahoo.com 360-431-6911
White Blackberry Z-10 phone with Black Otter box case- was probably lost at Lava Lounge or Re-edjumacation camp The badlands Kat Payne kathryn_clayton@yahoo.com 512-999-5300
Silver vape pen with see-thru gray tank The badlands Zach kathryn_clayton@yahoo.com 512-999-5300
Black Pebble Watch w/ Rectangular Digital Face Sacrilicious Dylan dylan.kee.manon@gmail.com 561-542-2485 Yes! Yay!
Framed print of Flipside 2013 burn, taken from the Hive Temple of Drone Thomas (removed) email me returned 5/31
black tophat w/Mucho Sexy Disco Time sticker on top. Contained a green/yellow bandana, a small black leather pouch, a clear REI nalgene style water bottle, and a white/grey Black Diamond headlamp. Was taken along with two black/white striped hoops off the ground in the crowd during the effigy burn. Mucho Sexy Disco Party Time Eric Schiele ejschiele@gmail.com (512)415-3638
Orange prescription Ray Ban sunglasses with gold lenses, supposedly seen at Temple of Steaming Pot Sunday, may have been left at Oasis showers. Sin Camp Fundies or Biohazard identityeclipse@gmail.com 573-289-8268
Blue Geigerrig Rig 700 Hydration Pack - had my wedding band in it. most likely left at Spin Camp Circle Of Water Wulff wulff@brothersoftheflame.com 210.827.5826 Yes!
Camera - was left in Wonderlounge. It was contained in a dark blue zip-up bag the same size as the camera with a goldish colored carabiner. The bag is decorated with white Japanese characters and the image of the Asakusa Jinja temple. Please help :( If you found it and it somehow got broken I am still very much interested in obtaining the memory card from the camera as it had important content that I had yet to download. Please Please Please. I'll even give up the camera for the content on the memory card....please help. Badlands Jason misplaced0104@yahoo.com 281-851-6068
The above camera was also left with two other items also in Wonderlounge. All came up missing. The other two items are:

1) Resealable thermos container with the image of an Austin Beer Works can shooting across like a rocket.

2) T-shirt. Light blue at the collar/sleeves fading down to black. Has an eagle on the front and details about a Desyn party in Miami on the back. The t-shirt is by "Hard 8".

All of these items have sentimental value to me and I am sad that I left them.

Badlands Jason misplaced0104@yahoo.com 281-851-6068
Necklace. Left in Gypsy Steam Circus on a chair, hanging off a chair, or on the ground next to chair. It is a black leather necklace with a couple brass circles on it. One circle has an imprint of Pi and the other has the digits of Pi in a circle. Lost all of this stuff the same day :( Don't know where my head was. Went back looking for all of it but was gone... Badlands Jason misplaced0104@yahoo.com 281-851-6068
keys, with rectangular wooden block that says, "Anna." Probably lost at Car Camp... er... parking. Kidsville Adrian "Anna" adriancoburn@gmail.com 512-351-6349 YES!!! !  ! 7/20/14
disposable camera. please. It has alot of family pictures on it. Much love. emily emerskineys9.eo@gmail
Black Samsung Galaxy 4s with a black slim case Voltron Charity charitytodd1@yahoo.com 210-316-3640
Small travelling Buddha statue, taken from the yurt at Temple of the Purple Yoni Temple of the Purple Yoni Ebolanore ebolanore@gmail.com 210-213-3834
Purple Jansport backpack. Contains white Samsung phone charger, blue el-wire, itazte e-cig, marlboro cigs, peppermint tin, lighter, and oversize pink sunglasses. Fire and Ice Baldilocks macroburn@gmail.com 512-900-9579 returned 6/1/2014
One pair curved Horns, hand-made paper-mache construction, on black headband. Last seen on my head, late on Burn night, as I was heading out to sit and watch the Effigy embers glow for a bit. Maybe I lost them there when I fell asleep sitting up? Or on my way back to camp? International Cribbage Conspiracy Jeff (Nobs) jwilkinson@icogitate.com 831.234.2852 (text!)
Turquoise/Blue Zipit Monster Pouch (8" x 3.5") made from one long zipper. The bag contains an iPhone backup battery, USB charger & cord, several Sharpie markers, business cards in a case that says, "Of course I'm in a band," and the business card of a friend who I have no other contact info for. It was probably lost near the Lighthaüs & Lava Lounge, or in front of the porta potties in Zone 1 on the Badlands side. Lower the Bar Lana angelpudding@gmail.com 512-653-3490
Bicycle. Black and yellow, with a blue milk crate bungeed to the rack over the back tire. Three glowies on the spokes of each wheel, light blue headlight on the front handlebars, air pump attached to the bottom part of the frame. I miss my bike and my trust in the burn community... Browneye, Through the Looking Ass Andrea love2peace3@hotmail.com 817-296-3972
small round black flashlight. one click has flashlight mode, another has a red laser pointer mode. lost on the trail near parking and the badlands Badlands Juli jezebelleartists@gmail.com phone
Ranger Hat! I left my white (dirty, sweaty white...) Ranger Hat somewhere! It has several FS/Burner patches on it and my name "Jim Ellinger" is on the inside. Really hope to get it back! Thanks! K-FLiP Panama jimedia@grandecom.net 512-796-4332
Petzl Head Torch (Tikka XP2) - lost sunday night, i think in viking camp but it might have been near the burn ashes as well Camp Cosmos Elroid flipside@elroid.com --
Anodized Blue Metal Clipper Lighter - lost thursday night, no idea where. Has sentimental meaning so would really appreciate seeing it again if anyone came across it! Camp Cosmos Elroid flipside@elroid.com --
Copper and Stainless ECig Cosmos Kathy kberis@gmail.com 512-925-1285
Stainless steel caribiner cup with lid with XTC and flames etched onto it, prob lost at Wonderlounge, Umami or Lava Lounge Camp No Thank You XTC xtc(at)gigsville.org phone
Brown pirate hat with sunflower decorations the Betterlands Rachel rachelveroff@gmail.com 505-934-5885
Small black plastic item with LCD numbers on front - Looks like a pedometer but is actually a bike speedometer. Rectangle - Size is 1.5 x 1.25 inch (est) camp Jer in Baytown email 713-455-7111
Black Cruiser Style Bicycle w/ Copper Longhorn Skull on handle bars, 29" wheels Sunsation Staion Jim Cuddeback 3mesquite@gmail.com 512 569 3728
iPhone 4 in black and pink otterbox case, white showing through on the back Faery Orphanage Gina gina.eaves@yahoo.com phone - a little pointless to list
Flashlight: black, cylindrical, length: about six inches, diameter: about 3/4 in., back end is the power button. I walked from the Badlands to the man on burn night and I dropped it on the way. Badlands Serena Bernstein s@serenab.net 214-274-8423
Phone battery- square, Samsung, lost near man on burn night Badlands Serena Bernstein s@serenab.net 214-274-8423
Glass bottle with brown leather straps and brass rivets camp Iris Brown judogaris@gmail.com 832-705-5899 in progress
Turquoise bag made of zippers with eyes camp Lana Thomas angelpudding@gmail.com 512-653-3490
Tye Dye towel Left on soccer field Monday night Scott Sexton / Brisket help@sexton.com 512.442.8222 Returned


Pyropolis Fire Department Shirt, Dark Blue, Women's XXL for curvey firefighters B3 Miss Adventure / Maredith maredith@gmail.com phone
Ball hitch that came off my trailer dolly. It's silver. I was staying in the two tone blue Shasta across from the Barbie Day Spa. SARS Gina travelindragon@hotmail.com 512-917-9379
Red fleece jacket. Mens 2XL I believe. Zipper front, the usual. Red Camp David Ulbrich david@ulbrich.org 512-771-7647B
Gold Sunglasses with Dancing Hands on it. Lost them while teaching people to eat fire by the Mucho Sexy Disco Camp The Faery Orphanage Timmy seemeonthetv2010@aol.com 817-500-3020
Wire wrap necklace. Center stone is labradorite, and the shape of the piece is a sailboat. Spark-Nouveau Jason notabee@gmail.com 512-569-4109
Pocket Knife - CRKT Point Guard, partially-serrated, black with gray blade, locking folder. Somewhat sentimental. French Camp SCOUTACUS scoutacus-2014@vaxlan.net n/a
Boobie coffee mug Badlands Happy Bean colorful.discord@gmail.com 317-999-5388
item camp name email phone
item camp name email phone
item camp name email phone

Found Items

Item Found Camp of Finder Location Found E-mail Address Phone Number Returned to Owner, Thanks
Small glass globe/wine vessel, leather bound with belt loop Wonderlounge near the bicycle elevator steve@donie.us 512-797-7822 in progress
Leatherman "Juice S2" Fan Camp Not sure adamrice@8stars.org
Ford car key and "Axxess+" key Fan Camp Not sure adamrice@8stars.org
small stuffed giraffe Faery Orphanage in camp fingertrapt@gmail.com 214-493-9592
glass jar with "Bad Ideas" written on it Faery Orphanage in camp fingertrapt@gmail.com 214-493-9592
Coon skin hat Faery Orphanage in camp fingertrapt@gmail.com 214-493-9592
kazoo with Uncle Bob's self storage printed on it Faery Orphanage in camp fingertrapt@gmail.com 214-493-9592
house key and mail key main field main field turned in to main lost and found box Green plastic house cover?

Email me at Mutantgarage@gmail.com

or Facebook Mutantgarage

sign: NO THANK YOU "I've already had my sloppy seconds" Faery Orphanage in camp fingertrapt@gmail.com 214-493-9592 owner claimed, best moop ever
e-cig - blue battery with green tank Tortuga near tortuga during post modwerx@gmail.com 512-797-6922
Knife - Wartech brand Ping Pong Camp Ping Pong table txhooch@gmail.com Facebook - Hooch N Sprite Owner claimed
Largish tin cup with Pyropolis Kidsville 2013 sticker and Root Beer Camp branding with a brown carabiner attached.

Cross posted with pics to Flipizens.

Curly Camp Curly Moop Table dizzygrltoo@yahoo.com Facebook Mendi Mendez
gold frame with no picture inside (speckled with bits of spray paint) Faery Orphanage in camp fingertrapt@gmail.com 214-493-9592
Silver Stein Lava Lounge Lava Lounge Bar krugalug@mail.com 512-762-9015
SD memory card of photos  ?? on the ground in grassy walkway between ?? and ?? (piers with ground effect lighting) burningflipside@triple-entendre.com 5126192891 owner claimed
Clarinet mucho sexy disco party time Found under the altar table in the mucho sexy disco dance dome sirchancellorroberts@gmail.com 936 900 8489
Silver and black 'Saints' hula hoop Faery Orphanage it appeared in my stuff when I got home gina.eaves@yahoo.com you can contact me on fb
Dress - Purple/Pink/Yellow/Green Burning Rennies/Hookah Hoop Lounge Came home with me alcornc@netzero.net phone
Small Igloo Cooler Burning Rennies/Hookah Hoop Lounge Came home with me alcornc@netzero.net phone
Fuzzy blanket w/ image of the Virgin Mary Burning Rennies/Hookah Hoop Lounge Came home with me alcornc@netzero.net phone
Small Red Straw Hat Burning Rennies/Hookah Hoop Lounge Came home with me alcornc@netzero.net
Nalgene 1000ml bottle and insulated sack Cleanup Day found it on a black nissan altima interponent@gmail.com 512-736-2696
small (~6" tall) stuffed bear with beard and mohawk (very cool!) Wonderlounge near the bicycle elevator steve@donie.us 512-797-7822
black/dark green camelback Purple Yoni Temple (you kinky person you!) Dodgersamb@yahoo.com 860-538-1667
Heavy battery part of vape cig camp location Grayconstruct@gmail. phone
Various cups/water bottles/curiosities Area wide At Warehouse
10 X 13 foot canopy Area wide At Warehouse
Massage Tables (multiple) Area wide At Warehouse
5 gal blue water jug Area wide At Warehouse
coolers (multiple) Area wide At Warehouse
Small water jug Area wide At Warehouse
blue easy up Area wide At Warehouse
camp chairs (multiple) Area wide At Warehouse
garbage can full of various items Area wide At Warehouse
car key fob Safety HQ safety14@burningflipside.com
iphone Safety HQ safety14@burningflipside.com
small steel flask Safety HQ safety14@burningflipside.com
H2O purification unit Safety HQ safety14@burningflipside.com
grog mug Safety HQ safety14@burningflipside.com
steel ring (jewelry) Safety HQ safety14@burningflipside.com
brass house or apartment key Safety HQ safety14@burningflipside.com
house and mail key Safety HQ safety14@burningflipside.com
hello kitty bag with hello kitty purse Safety HQ safety14@burningflipside.com
black flashlight Safety HQ safety14@burningflipside.com
another black flashlight Safety HQ safety14@burningflipside.com
bifocal glasses Safety HQ safety14@burningflipside.com
D&G reading glasses Safety HQ safety14@burningflipside.com
aluminum mess kit Safety HQ safety14@burningflipside.com
hello kitty drinking bottle Safety HQ safety14@burningflipside.com
coleman beverage cooler Safety HQ safety14@burningflipside.com
beaded feather hair-thingy Safety HQ safety14@burningflipside.com
utility belt with a tail Safety HQ safety14@burningflipside.com
frog hat Safety HQ safety14@burningflipside.com
red sock hat Safety HQ safety14@burningflipside.com
straw hat Safety HQ safety14@burningflipside.com
item camp location email phone

Other Lost and Founds

Lost And Found @ Flipside

Lost And Found @ the Warehouse