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Burning Flipside 2015 Lost and Found Page

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Lost Items

Item Lost Owner's Camp Owner's name Owners' E-mail Phone Number Returned to Owner
Black ankle boot with zipper, buckles, and 2 inch stack heel Ping Pong Camp Logan reverendtorres@yahoo.com
Ring of keys containing purple carabiner clip, green plastic bottle opener, Land Rover key, other keys. Lost near Safety HQ. KFlip Robin robin@mcshaffry.com 512-554-9625
Leather cowboy hat GSC Curtis Curtiselam@yahoo.com 432.296.8472
Hook earring, yellow on one side, penny on the other jaded Camp Samantha interactiveleaf@gmail.com 512.506.0230
Tan, long sleeve shirt, black feet on collar, safetyside patch on sleeve Eat My Meat Fugee fugee@oblivium.org 580-276-5166
light purple, magenta bin with belly dance stuff and fire fans in it, a belly dance sword with the head of anubis at the end of the handle and should have a blue scarf tied to the handle, clear bin with a light blue lid that is attached, and a green a grey tent. sparkadelica Rose rosevanriper@gmail.com 512-367-9423
Silver HTC One M8 cell phone in black dimpled kickstand case. No screen protector. Lost during May 30th mini-cleanup somewhere between Gate and Zone 1. Ever Descending Ball Ronin sarcastomatic@yahoo.com 737-704-1050
8'yellow ladder @rangerHQ Badlands clovis clovis.buford@gmail.com 512.970.5764
Black CREE Ultrafire Flashlight - runs on an 18650 rechargeable battery Camp Camp  !Bob flipside@plasmator.net 512.577.6169
small white zipper pouch, orange seed beads spell LOVE on front, lipstick case inside Wonderlounge Angelique madamestrange@yahoo 512.947.9581
Oakley half jacket xlj w/polarized lenses; likely left in echelon trailer badlands Confidence mirack@aol.com
SolPad (no poles) with sewn in floor, left on effigy field for pick up. Was folded up and ready to go. I guess it went. Effigy Field Brandon Waldo@artisinformation.com 832-314-0169
Low blue camp chair. Looks exactly like this Fan Camp (lost in Zone 2, Bravo Division) Adam adamrice@8stars.org 512-619-7423
Aqua Sport-Brella Beach Chair—another low blue camp chair. This one with an umbrella. Looks like this. Electric Numbtastic (Camp 509, across from the Effigy Field) Lana angelpudding@gmail.com 512.653.3490
Black Jaha fitness tracker without band. Has an "S" logo. About 1.6" x .6" x .5". Looks like the monitor only (in the lower left hand corner). Electric Numbtastic (Camp 509, across from the Effigy Field) Lana angelpudding@gmail.com 512.653.3490
Mud brown leather wallet with Jeremy on fishing license temple of the purple yonis Jeremy "Kewe" Walker kewebeanlicker@gmail.com
key ring, two full size bronze colored keys, three/four smaller bikelock/safety box keys, and one longer car key Kidsville Jason "PapaGoose" kenfuciousd@gmail.com 434-964-7083
sky blue/white cotton batik dress with narrow shoulder straps (back zipper) & white crochet lace details Teeny Tiny Trailer Town near Sitting Camp / Camp Camp stephanieATX@gmail.com 512.914.7101
plastic silver hula hoop 30" diameter. lost somewhere around Gypsy Steam Circus The Guild or Fire and Ice Cydney gravityworks28@gmail.com 512.547.9694
Black bag containing a large cot. Bag is about 8"X4'. Large metal frame cot that folds up. Last seen at 808 Village by pedestrian bridge. 808 Village Nita Kakes Nitakakes@gmail.com 214-769-0175
Black women's hunter boots Badlands Colleen Berryman colleenberryman42@gmail.com 512.923.1053
Green and silver Gerber multitool caded Campamp Samantha interactiveleaf@gmail.com 512.506.0230 Returned!
Black Tool Box. Has grey camp shovel in it Badlands near greeters Serious erisapple.23@gmail.com 512.771.7831
Pair of brown, ankle high water proof boots badlands near greeters Serious erisapple.23@gmail.com 512.771.7831
6 gallon green water jug badlands near greeters Serious erisapple.23@gmail.com 512.771.7831
FOUND!!! Blue Yeti "Roadie" Cooler. (Lost in the camp evacuation process) Badlands, but may have been near gate. Kate katy.ludlow@gmail.com 936-307-8056
3/4" Double Braid dock line (rope) ~25-35' long. White or tan with red accents. Loop on one end. Used to pull people out of the mud on Monday Brisket help@sexton.com 512.442.8222
Missing 7 foot green ladder from main field daft area Daft Henry firesea57@gmail.com 832 385 3754
item camp name email phone
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item camp name email phone

Found Items

Item Found Camp of Finder Location Found E-mail Address Phone Number Returned to Owner, Thanks
grey open bin of womens clothing, size 1 & size 8-10, includes rainbow horse tail pants & harajuku brand skirt The Belafonte Sanctuary, post storm, could have floated from anywhere libertie_@hotmail.com phone
green hand sewn shirt "DINESHA" sewn in collar Bryan Lava Lounge krugalug@hotmail.com phone
Large gray Old Navy Fleece with FUTURE pins Bryan Lava Lounge krugalug@hotmail.com phone
XL Columbia Black rain jacket Bryan Lava Lounge krugalug@hotmail.com phone
Lighter with 2015 Illuminaughty sticker, Lurko's Beard volunteer pin, Honk! pin, Brass(?) dubbloon style coin Mulch of The Beat Offs found by porta potties pbjoiner@yahoo.com
Black leather purse (ID Stephanie S) Pastie Camp Under my car after Monday's storm theglorybox@gmail.com n/a
Rumble Roller, Black Camp Camp Saturday night, at the bar jeffff@me.com n/a cuh-LAIMED!
"Bluboon" knapsack- grayish with brown leather straps, containing keys and other items AHole handed to AARLLC post-event safety15@burningflipside.com phone
Sports bottle, clear with a black lid and carabiner, branded with Nolan Real Estate Services: Sports bottle, Pogo brand transparent red with pink rimmed lid, pink lanyard of nylon line Beat Offs Beat Offs pbjoiner@yahoo.com
telephone Samsung Galaxy Prevail unknown turned in to Safety HQ safety15@burningflipside.com phone
car keys unknown turned in to Safety HQ safety15@burningflipside.com phone
item camp location email phone

Other Lost and Founds

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