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Burning Flipside 2016 Lost and Found Page

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Lost Items

Item Lost Owner's Camp Owner's name Owners' E-mail Phone Number Returned to Owner
Backpack lunch bag & contents: grey/blue & white Splinter / BBC Donna West westdonna772@gmail.com (512) 221-0444
Size 11 Academy galoshes TAP (they were by the Flophouse) Robert Freeling robert.freeling@gmail.com 512-676-1330
backpack, 'Austin' logo, lime green and teal + contents Wonderlounge Dana D dsdeline@gmail.com 512-914-6703
Purplish Fitbit band Badlands Kat Clayton kathrynclayton185@gmail.com 5125675809
Silver bracelet with handcuff clasp Fuddy Duddy Fireball Fireball@steveandpat.com 214-490-4010
Black rubber necklace with magnets clip Lava Lounge Ysabel LeMay ylemay66@gmail.com 239-249-1415
black coffee mug with "Java Jack's" written on it Flipjacks Blue Bonnet ranger.blue.bonnet@gmail.com phone
light red coffee mug with BTSR branded into the side Halloween town Jack Theilen Jack.theilen@gmail.com 2145008706
item camp name email phone
item camp name email phone
item camp name email phone

Found Items

Item Found Camp of Finder Location Found E-mail Address Phone Number Returned to Owner, Thanks
Trailer Battery Compartment Cover Lick and Suck on FM-908 in front of Apache Pass Ice Steak House on Tuesday afternoon help@sexton.com 512.442.8222
light blue backpack with mustash print. Pasties and whatnot inside Badlands Near further edge by blue ez up Kathrynclayton185@gmail.com 5125675809
non-disposable lighter, describe to claim cosmos road in zone two interactiveleaf@gmail.com 512-506-0230
Tingshas, hand bells on teal lanyard with silver lamé threads

image: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/45094685/lostTingshas.jpg

Beat Offs mixed in small percussion instruments pbjoiner@yahoo.com 512.992.7882
Red mug lined with stainless steel, big sticker with "NOMAD SOUND AUSTIN TEXAS" on it Ping Pong Camp In chair next to the ping pong table txhooch@gmail.com

Other Lost and Founds

Lost And Found @ Flipside

Lost And Found @ the Warehouse