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Burning Flipside 2019 Lost and Found Page

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Lost Items

Item Lost Owner's Camp Owner's name Owners' E-mail Phone Number Returned to Owner
MSR Winderburner Cup Camp David Thaison thaison.nguyen.1989@gmail.com 512-350-1458
Black leather pouch Camp Here Farheen fnbakht@gmail.com 908-239-0127
straw hat w/ mermaid pin Brown Eye Arielle (Mermaid) arieatx@gmail.com 512-496-7807
costume fox ears Brown Eye Arielle (Mermaid) arieatx@gmail.com 512-496-7807
Grey Pocket Knife Birthday Camp Mosh (Chris) mauchc@gmail.com 561.568.8582
silver compass ring Advice & Etiquette Nadia ndz77@yahoo.com 512-748-0914
purple iridescent crystal icrown KFLiP Tamerika Fuck Yeah! tangerinedragonfly@gmial.com 512.696.6516
Mint Green metal hydroflask water bottle covered in bumer stickers Badlands (lost near Echelon) Shelby shelby.saucier@gmail.com 929.399.4705
Blue bag for Ozark Trail camping couch tied in a knot - 4' x 1' Lava Lounge Lana angelpudding@gmail.com 5126533490
Black 32oz insulated water bottle w/ many stickers, Awesome Pants on lid BAD Goose/Jason kendaile@yahoo.com 4349647083
item camp name email phone
item camp name email phone

Found Items

Item Found Camp of Finder Location Found E-mail Address Phone Number Returned to Owner, Thanks
Lion King bath towel Circle of Fire Effigy field crashtestsavant2016@gmail.com 361-920-1299
ayahuasca necklace PolyJamorous PolyJamorous therealjuliearmstrong@gmail.com
Fire Fan Check Point Charlie the ground next to Easy St. Elizabethlogan01@gmail.com
Eyeglasses Lava Lounge Under the volcano at Lava Lounge angelpudding@gmail.com 5126533490

Other Lost and Founds

Lost And Found @ Flipside

Lost And Found @ the Warehouse