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Matter Out Of Place or MOOP is the garbage-like stuff humans, freaks, and participants generate by even showing up at Pyropolis. We drop things. We open packages, containers, and one-time-use products and suddenly that stuff which was so important and so carefully packed and stored becomes garbage. Only this is incorrect, it's not garbage. "Garbage" is the stuff that goes in tidy, but stinky containers, that Other People deal with which magically goes away. At Pyropolis everything we bring (including ourselves) is MOOP. There are no event staff who will throw it away for you.


Noun "Get that moop outta there." Translation: Please pick up your mess.

Verb "I'm about to moop all this moop. Would you give me a hand?" Translation: I'm fixin' to pick up this mess. Please help.

Antonym "You're mooping everywhere! Start mooping your moop!" Translation: "You're making a mess everywhere. Start collecting your mess."

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