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Area: City Planning
Current Lead: Winnie
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Area: City Planning

The Placement Lead is responsible for placing each theme camp, art installation, and event infrastructure. This lead works closely with each theme camp (both directly and through the Theme Camp Liaison and with several Art Area volunteers to ensure that the needs of the participants are met along with the needs of the event. The Placement Lead is responsible for interpreting the data provided by placement registrants and translating this information into a master plan for the entire event. Candidates for this position must be excellent communicators with strong diplomacy skills. This lead is expected to communicate regularly via e-mail and telephone, as well as speaking publically at Town Halls and Road Shows. The Placement lead works closely with the InterZone Coordinator on-site to ensure the smooth placement of theme camps. Because of the nature of this position, candidates will be required to undergo an in-depth interview and screening. This position has generally required a minimum of 120 man hours prior to the event and a willingness to be on call several hours per day (or more) for the first three days of the event.

Responsibilities and Tasks

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Current Placement


Previous Leads

  • 2015 Brant Moore
  • 2014 Brant Moore
  • 2013 Joe Schooler
  • 2012 Puzz
  • 2011 Puzz
  • 2009 Porn