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Pyropolis is the toponym, or place-name, given to the temporary city built every year over Memorial Day Weekend by our Burning Flipside participants and volunteers. The city's physical location itself has no permanence in that it is recreated wherever we build. It is considered a part of the flash explosion of our art to quickly assemble all structures at the beginning and dismantle all at the end of our event. It is telling that a few humans are also dismantled (metaphorically, although not always so) at the end of our event. This is considered "success."

Of note, the demonym for a citizen of Pyropolis is "Flipizen," obviously for Burning Flipside, which retains the intimated reference to fire.

Our ad hoc organization includes several departments which attempt to cooperate to this end. Our departments are listed in various places at the Burning Flipside site.

Fun Quotes

"You live Pyropolis. We are all going to Pyropolis."
Last recorded use was by Captain Sodium

"As you know, you go to Pyropolis with the infrastructure you have. They're not the infrastructure you might want or wish to have at a later time."
- Ronald Dumsfeld

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