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Pyropolis Rangers, are Pyropolis' conflict mediators. We are not a police force. We are here to assist the Flipside Community to resolve our own problems.

What's this Ranger Stuff About?

Pyropolis Ranger Mission: Promote safety awareness, mediate disputes, assist in emergencies, and generally aid the safe, smooth functioning of Burning Flipside.

Who Are the Pyropolis Rangers? First and foremost, Rangers are members of the Burning Flipside community. We are Rangers in the traditional sense as guardians and peacekeepers, (Forest Rangers, etc) rather than Law Enforcement (BLM Rangers, etc.) As members of this community, the ONLY authority we have is what the community gives us; we respect and enact its will. We are a volunteer team of non-confrontational community mediators, facilitators of public safety, first responders, and providers of information. THIS IS OUR ART, our Gift to our community. Others bring sculptures, build the effigy, create art and music; we Ranger. While we are not law enforcement, we do sometimes interface with law enforcement, fire departments, emergency medical services, and other agencies as necessary.

What Do Rangers Do?

Rangering is our commitment to the Flipside community.
Honoring that commitment is what creates us as Rangers.

How do we honor that commitment?

  • We mediate and persuade, rather than dictate and enforce.
  • We are non-confrontational.
  • Mediate, not dominate
  • Defer to our partner or participants
  • We have a caring attitude
  • Provide a helping hand
  • Source of information
  • Authoritative, NOT authoritarian.
  • Help resolve disputes within the community
  • Act as first responders to personal injuries and illnesses
  • Deal with lost or disoriented adults and children
  • Promote awareness of potential hazards such as sunstroke, dehydration, fire, flood, etc.

What Does a Shift Look Like?

There are 4 shifts per day, 6 hours each. We always work in pairs, with a trusted partner. We roam the site, providing information, enjoying interacting with other participants, admiring art, and being available should we be needed, whether to help mediate an argument, or to help during an emergency. We carry radios and remain in contact with the Shift Lead.


  • Willingness to work at least one 6-hour shift during the event, and, we hope, two.
  • We request that all Rangers work one shift on Burnday (Sunday of the event) There are 4 shifts, plus Perimeter at the Burn. Perimeter is a fantastic shift, frontseat view of the Burn, great interactions with a happy crowd, and really fun. It is an honor, and privilege, to work Burn Perimeter.
  • You must remain sober during your shift.
  • Helpful qualities include a sense of humor, flexibility, integrity, patience, empathy, focus, and an unwavering commitment to the event and the participants who make it happen.

Unofficial Gist: Willingness to take turns playing responsible adult for brief periods of the event, so that when you are off being part of the problem, you know that someone's got your back.  :)

Anyone who wishes to Ranger at Flipside must:

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Interested in becoming a Ranger?

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Ranger Structure

The Pyro Ranger Organization at the event is a bit like an upside down pyramid.

At the top of the pyramid:

  • Dirt Rangers.
    • Honorary term for those who walk the walk.
    • A Ranger shift is 6 hours, 8 am to 2 pm, and so forth.
    • We 'patrol' the city.
    • We are the Eyes and Ears of the City, with Radios.
    • We are the VISIBLE source of help to participants in need.
    • We mediate conflicts, and respond to calls for such.
    • We Report to, receive support from, and are directed by:
  • Khaki.
    • 'Khaki' is what we call the Shift Lead, and dispatcher for each shift.
    • A Khaki is an experienced Dirt Ranger, who has Walked the Dirt for several years.
    • Khakis are chosen by other Khakis, from experienced Dirt Rangers who exhibit Leadership and other qualities.
    • Often Khaki will have an Assistant Khaki, or a Khaki-in-Training (KiT) with them on Shift.
    • Khaki manages the Rangers on the 6 hour shifts to cover the city.
    • Keeps a log of events
    • Khaki is a Dirt Rangers' conduit for all other Depts.
    • Khaki reports to and can receive support from:
  • Ranger of the Day
    • Ranger of the Day is usually a member of the Ranger Stewards.
    • ROD is a 24 hours shift, in order to help with continuity of events.
    • ROD may handle major events, and assist Khaki in the event of several issues going on at once, and keeps a ROD log.
    • ROD reports to and receives direction from:
  • The Ranger Lead.
    • Ranger lead is responsible for all Ranger Operations.
    • The Ranger Lead works with and reports to the Safety Area Facilitator, and works with and reports to Flipside Actual (The person with the final say on all liability decisions)at the event.

Other Ranger teams

  • HQ Rangers
    • Work within Echelon, the logistical backbone of Flipside Safety Teams, and supports Khaki.
    • They are Rangers, who work at Safty HQ, hand out radios, and act as the holders of supplies, snacks, and generally keep us going.
    • This is a good place if you have organizational skills, as well as great Ranger skills.
  • DArt
    • DArt (Dangerous Art) Rangers assist artists in setting up safe burns with their own volunteers
    • They are Rangers who dedicate extra time each event to helping people burn art
  • Ranger Stewards
    • Stewards are the caretakers and Guardians of the Pyro Rangers.
    • The Stewards are responsible for overall Ranger Operations
    • The Stewards establish and enact Ranger policies.
    • They work with and report to, the Ranger Lead and Safety AF.
    • They work towards consensus to develop trainings, publications (like the training manual), recruitment strategies, and swag.

More Information

Contact Ranger Volunteer Coordinator Gigamatt

Contact Ranger Lead Serious