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This wiki page is for those who are offering or needing rides to or from Flipside. Please include all information about when you will be arriving/leaving and how much stuff you have (in other words how much space you need). It's helpful to also note whether you will require a trip to a store for food/supplies before heading out to the land.

Feel free to add any additional information that could be helpful.

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(Copy and paste the example, and please put today's date so that we know when you posted) NAME CONTACT INFO DATE/TIME/FROM WHERE STOPS

  • EXAMPLE: TrailerSwift /Posted Jan 28th, 1-900-MIXALOT, Need a ride to and from Austin, can leave and return on any day. 1 person, minimal gear.
  • The G String/Posted April 17th, 208-353-6907. I am flying in to Austin from Idaho on Tuesday May 22nd with an art piece. My buddy sold his truck and as a result I am looking for art piece transportation to and from Austin to Flipside of (3) 100 pound packages. The sizes of packages are as follows in inches 48x16x16, 30x30x16, 30x20x20 . I can get the packages to you Tuesday the 22nd and hopefully you are bound for Flipside on Wednesday.
  • Ponder /Posted May 9th. veilmail@yahoo.com I am flying into Austin late on May 22nd. I am looking for a ride any time on May 23rd, from anywhere in Austin I can reach by public transport. One friendly, skinny person with minimal luggage. A return trip would be nice too.
  • Lavender and Burnerburger/Posted May 23rd. kiara.dailey@gmail.com 323-240-4053. 2 people in need of emergency rides from Downtown Austin (our ride has fluctuated so much and we just want to make sure that we aren't inconveniencing too much). We have 3 duffle bags, 2 tents, 1 easy up, 1 rug, water, small cooler/bags of food and 1 medium sized box. We have a shift with greeters at 6pm on Thursday May 24th. We know that it is last minute, we did not expect things to work out the way that they did. We can still get there, but if it would be convenient or if anyone wants some company on their journey, we could use the assistance.


(And please put today's date so that we know when you posted) NAME CONTACT INFO DATE/TIME/FROM WHERE STOPS

  • EXAMPLE: TrailerSwift/Posted Jan 28th, 1-900-MIXALOT, Can give ride out from ATX vicinity on Wed 5/21. I can take 1 with medium gear, or some human/gear equivalent. inventerix@gmail.com