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Area: Safety
Current Lead: Foxfire
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Area: Safety

Sanctuary supports the burn community's mental and emotional well-being. We are staffed by trained volunteers who provide a safe low-stimulus environment for participants that are disoriented, grieving, and mentally or physically fatigued. Sanctuary is a place of temporary asylum, where burners can find their fun again, and then take on the city anew.

Responsibilities and Tasks

Volunteering with this organization, and gifting your time to your community, comes with perks. Not only will you be creating a better Pyropolis, you will be given the opportunity to work alongside other Safety volunteers who have taken up the reins in making Flipside go. You will also be offered a Sanctuary T-shirt, an official Burning Flipside laminated badge with your picture on it, a sticker/patch, and other goodies.

No mental health experience is necessary. Each Sanctuary shift is six hours long. Each volunteer is required to work two shifts, totally 12 hours.

Here's a quick guide to Sanctuary's infrastructure.

  • Lead - The manager. (On call throughout the event)
  • Assistant Lead - The assistant manager. (On call throughout the event)
  • Mental Health Admins - (Duty Chief in the Incident Command System) The MHAs are licensed mental health professionals called upon to deal with escalation issues, involving major safety risks (12 hr shift)
  • TREEs - The Resident Experienced Expert is a shift lead. There are 8 shift leads. (12 hr straight shift)
  • Bushes - Or Listeners, provide the majority of the counseling to participants that are admitted. If all the Listeners are occupied, a TREE will step in and act as a Listener. (two 6 hr shifts, 12 hrs total)

Each volunteer is required to attend a training session. This session can be done at our Safety training retreat, SafetySide, which is held in April at Apache Pass. Training can also be held online.

Other Entities/Leads with Whom the Lead Likely Will Collaborate

Rangers and PETs

Volunteer to Help the Sanctuary

This department does not have a volunteer wiki page. You can find out more information about volunteering in this department by contacting the lead.

Current Sanctuary


Previous Leads

  • 2019 Foxfire
  • 2018 Mimi
  • 2017 Mimi
  • 2016 Hammer (Clover and Loophole)
  • 2015 Hammer
  • 2014 Reina Pristina
  • 2013 Reina Pristina
  • 2012 Bunny
  • 2011 Gyesika Safety
  • 2010 Gyesika Safety
  • 2007 Katie "Firefly"
  • 2006 Katie "Firefly"
  • 2005 Ryan Hayes

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