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Shaven Apes is an all volunteer department of Burning Flipside responsible for lifting, moving, and fixing things.

Shaven Apes can help with things like Theme Camp setup, Art installations, building your shade structure, and will even help you pitch your tent or just provide transportation. We’re there to provide the extra hands (and strong backs) needed to get things done.

Shaven Apes have sometimes been compared to Burning Mans' Department of Public Works (DPW), except that we have a different focus: Shaven Apes are there to directly support Flipside participants, Theme Camps, and Artists.

Recognizing a Shaven Ape

Shaven Apes will be wearing a bright yellow (banana colored) t-shirt with the word KANIHEPYA on it, making us easy to spot in the distance… If you can’t find one of us, find someone with a radio and have them ask for one (fyi, folks driving carts usually have a radio).


Shaven Apes wouldn't exist without volunteers. Please consider volunteering some of your time, it's a great way to improve your kharma.

Assistance for your Theme Camp

If you know you're going to need help putting up a camp structure or an art piece, please don't hesitate to ask for help. There is a wiki page for this

Please understand that Shaven Apes is a small team of volunteers and we're not equipped to lend DaFT-sized amounts of help.

Lastly, once your own needs are taken care of, think about loaning some of your time back to Shaven Apes and help us get other Theme Camps ready for the event.


You can contact the Shaven Apes Lead at apes18 at burningflipside dot com.

Shaven Ethics

On the Shaven Ape ethos, Unkie Neal (AKA Bubbles) wrote:

"A Shaven ape is a person who rises above themselves. In a world of self-centering and greed, amongst the unshaved masses of conventional society, a person steps up and rises to the need of others. The Greeks use the word AGAPE for unconditional love. Shaven apes use the word KANIHEPYA as their unconditional love for the temporary community we all have come to love and call Flipside.

Where the human condition is instinctively set for self-preservation and "it isn't my job," Shaved apes have shorn their hair and walk erect looking for places to lend a hand or ear with a strong heart. Reward in the act of helping is a bonus that serves the Shaven ape in their respective heart.

Physical rewards (i.e. beer) sweeten the deal and lead to the best of possible fellowships and sublime intoxication. The true ethos of the Shaven apes is to take their mantra KANIHEPYA with them past the event and into their daily lives. We used to wear a banana around our necks as a uniform and a symbol that an ape (we all are primates) can rise above their own desires (eating the banana)."

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