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Site Prep
Current AF: Susan Shelton
Contact: Contact


Organizes Work Weekends, both by organizing volunteers prior to and coordinating volunteers during the work weekend. This person is in charge of making sure the necessary equipment is available for the planned activities, interacting with the landowner or their representative if LLC is not available, and making sure shade, safety, waiver and water are available as needed.

Site Prep is involved with Pyroforming a new site, preparing the current site, and working closely with Site-Ops as necessary.

Responsibilities and Deliverables

  • Manage the Site Prep Leads

Leads that Report to This AF

Current Site Prep AF

Susan Shelton

Previous AFs

  • 2018 Julie aka Shortcake
  • 2017 Julie aka Shortcake
  • 2016 Julie aka Shortcake
  • 2015 Casey Schmit
  • 2014 Casey Schmit
  • 2013 Julie aka Shortcake
  • 2012 Julie aka Shortcake
  • 2011 Sodium - Position created