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2019 Sound and Sound Marshal Central

Sound at Flipside can come from many places: bullhorns/megaphones, flamethrowers, tesla coils, large scale sound systems, drum circles, art installations, and art cars to name a few. Flipside’s sound has long been the most likely reason to endanger our continued presence at any particular location, as well as a potential source for legal citations to be issued against the members of AAR, LLC.

Be sure to read and understand the complete SOUND POLICY to know how sound affects you at Flipside!

Do you have any suggestions about how Flipside can better handle sound policy or placement? Email us at!

Want to help out at Flipside? Know anything about sound equipment? Good with people? Then volunteer as a Sound Marshal!

Sound Marshaling is fun and a great way to see the event, and is especially well suited for DJs and sound enthusiasts. During your rounds you will get to meet all the sound camps, find all the good parties, dance a lot, and occasionally tell DJs to turn it down a notch. But most importantly, it's a fun job that is crucially important to the continued success of Flipside. So we need you! Help us make Flipside continue on and on and on!

PLEASE NOTE that since 2014 Sound Marshals have operated on a reduced schedule with 3-4 sound leads for the event and typically 2 people on shift at a time. The shifts are officially 8AM-8PM but the typical time for noise is about 10PM to Sunrise. If you (or you and a friend) are interested in helping cover one night of the event, please contact !

Sound training is typically either done onsite or at Safetyside, an annual training event about a month before Flipside. Details will be communicated to the Sound Team via email. The shifts begin and end at Echelon, which is the Ranger HQ. One member of each team needs to be prepared to drive a golf cart, and you will be operating a radio to communicate with Rangers, Sound, and other event personnel. Please arrive on time at the beginning of your shift and you will be greeted by the sound lead. Please note that you will need to bring your ID in order to check out a radio for your shift.

Questions? Comments? Loud sound files?

Your Sound lead for 2019 is SunKyst.

View previous sound leads here