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Sound Marshal
Area: Safety
Current Lead: SunKyst
Contact: Contact


Area: Safety

The Sound Lead establishes sound decibel level criteria that meet requirements to minimize sound impact on the neighboring community. This is a liability lead position and requires assembling and training "sound marshals" who monitor and enforce sound policies at the event. Excellent communication skills, organization, and a willingness to formulate and disseminate vital sound information to the Flipside community prior to the event are paramount to this position.

Responsibilities and Tasks

The Sound Lead is responsible for measurement and enforcement of sound limits inside the city during the event, emergency sound reduction in case of an external complaint, and helping city planning to properly place sound camps. Sound marshals typically also help out with sound around the event, including the effigy, greeters, and camps.

Other Entities/Leads with Whom the Lead Likely Will Collaborate

Volunteer to Help the Sound Marshal

You can find more information about volunteering in this department here.

Current Sound Marshal


Previous Leads

  • 2019 SunKyst
  • 2018 Stash
  • 2016 Stash
  • 2015 Stash
  • 2014 Stash
  • 2013 Stash
  • 2012 SunKyst
  • 2011 SunKyst