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How to Edit a Description, Email Address, or Other Data About a Lead

  1. Click on the Lead's Title
  2. Click the edit tab at the top of the screen
  3. Modify any relevant data on this page
  4. Click Save
  5. The data should now be modified on all pages that reference that lead. (This process may take a few minutes)
    1. If the process does not finish, or you wish to check your edits immediately you can click edit on the original page and then click save, this should reflect your edit's immediately.

Video is here.

How to Add a Lead to the Wiki

  1. Create a new blank page for the lead
    1. Type the new position name into the search box and click "Go"
    2. Click the link for Create the page...
  2. Add the lead template to the page
    1. This can either be done by copying the source of an existing leads page or adding the following:









  1. Fill in/Modify the content
    1. Include the Leads Area, this should be a wiki link for example:
    2. Edit the description field with a short description of what this lead does
    3. Edit the responsibilities fields with a list of all the things this lead is responsible for
    4. Edit the currentLead field with the name of the person currently doing this job
    5. Edit the previousLeads field with anyone who has done this job before
    6. Edit the email field with the contact email for this lead
    7. Add any alias or alternative names to the alias field
    8. Add this lead to the correct category by adding the category field to the bottom, for example
  2. Save the page