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Get Involved/Volunteering   

  • 360/24/7 Volunteers do it all year long!
  • Art has a posse...or at least a wiki page!
  • Cartelle We are the key masters! (We inventory Carts & Radios for Site Ops)
  • Couch Share Need a place to crash? Have a place? Go here!
  • City Signage Telling Flipiziens where to go for several years at least!
  • Exodus Helping us all get off the land safely!
  • Flagging Welcome theme camps to their home with 4 or more little flags!
  • Greeters Food? Water? Responsibility? Welcome Home!
  • Guardians Part of the safety team we watch the fence lines
  • Ice Wanna be cool and stay cool? Volunteer for ice!
  • Parking those that keep the cars off the playa!
  • PrePost Build and Tear down crew check us out
  • Ride Share Need a ride? Have some space? Want to share a rental? Go here!
  • Safety Echelon/Fire/Guardians/PETs/Meteorology/Rangers/Sanctuary/Sound
  • Shaven Apes Like helping people build things? Fix things? Sign up to be an Ape! Be someone's hero!
  • Site-Ops We are infrastructure! Help us build it, and they will come.
  • Site Sign-Off First and last line dedicated to protecting the land: Recycling, Earth Guardians, Exodus, Clean Up and Post OPs.
  • Sound is one of the most important things to know about at Flipside!
  • Ticket Process: What we have to do...
  • Volunteer_Assistance_Squad Help out all of those other Volunteers!
  • Website Webteam stuff
  • Site Prep prepares the land for Flipside during Work Weekends.
  • Zone Czars (fka "Zone Greeters") Want to help theme camps find their spot at Flipside & welcome them? join us!