Theme Camp Liaison

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Theme Camp Liaison
Area: City Planning
Current Lead: Bonnie
Contact: Contact


Area: City Planning

The Theme Camp Liaison facilitates communication and cooperation between the Placement Lead and theme camps. This person might also help build villages, facilitate communication between camps, and generally help things run smoother in the city of Pyropolis.

Responsibilities and Tasks

  • Facilitate communication between the Placement Lead and theme camps.
  • Work with theme camps to create villages and to share resources.

Other Entities/Leads with Whom the Lead Likely Will Collaborate

Volunteer to Help the Theme Camp Liaison

This department does not have a volunteer wiki page. You can find out more information about volunteering in this department by contacting the lead.

Current Theme Camp Liaison


Previous Leads

  • 2014 Mercedes Vaughn
  • 2013 Stephy
  • 2012 Stephy - Position Created