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Volunteering is an important part of becoming a part of Burning Flipside and other stuff year-round. No-one gets paid to be make any of this happen, and this is so much more than just a party. Whether it’s your first year or the 10th, we’ve got a spot for you to help make the magic happen! Year-round, we need volunteers for the Town Hall meetings.

Volunteering for the Flipside event, directly, is often run by the Leads of the respective area, and they have wiki pages set up for sign up.

About Volunteering

Volunteering is more than just operational stuff. Participants at Flipside volunteer all the time. They volunteer time, art, energy, great costumery, and the passion that creates the magic of the event. We recognize this.

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Questions? Ideas? Other?

E-mail Dahling Sweetiepoo, Volunteer Coordinatrix and Area Facilitator

volunteerinfo at burningflipside dot com