Volunteer Coordinator

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Volunteer Coordinator
Current AF: Tamara Spach
Contact: Contact


The "Volunteer-Coordinator" Works with any Leads who need volunteers and helps to recruit volunteers across the organization.

Responsibilities and Deliverables

  • Encouraging the ethos of volunteering
  • Keeping a big-picture perspective on all AFs and leads requests and advising AAR, LLC
  • Preparing the Lead Nominations e-mails and related Town Hall shenanigans
  • Contacting all volunteers signed up via tickets (volunteer profile) with a 'hi! thanks for volunteering!' message
  • Sending volunteer lists into the respective leads and AFs
  • Creating the annual leads master contact list, and confirming what info Leads are comfortable sharing.
  • Coordinating with the Comm AF and the Webteam to update website Lead Contact forms, lists, etc.
  • Coordinating the Pyropolis Civic Center's Use and function with [City Planning] and the other AFs.
  • Placing bulk tee-shirt and other schwag orders for all leads and departments
  • Helping all leads fill volunteer needs

Leads that Report to This AF

Current Volunteer Coordinator AF

Tamara Spach

Previous AFs

  • 2018 Dahling Sweetiepoo-Schmooley
  • 2017 Dahling Sweetiepoo-Schmooley
  • 2016 Dahling Sweetiepoo-Schmooley
  • 2015 Dahling Sweetiepoo-Schmooley
  • 2014 Gyesika Safety
  • 2013 Gyesika Safety
  • 2012 Ava
  • 2011 Ava
  • 2010 Winnie