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Flipside is entirely volunteer driven, so our volunteers are the backbone of our community and the force that makes Flipside happen every year. Everyone who makes Flipside go from AAR, LLC, Rangers, DaFT, to that guy that sold you a block of Ice is a volunteer! Whether it’s your first year or the 9th, we've got a spot for you to help make the magic happen!

Want to know more? What to help out?

Fill out a volunteer profile on our volunteer profile page! You'll be asked to log in (if you haven't already) and then you'll be able to see descriptions and create your profile.

Have questions about volunteering that the volunteer page isn't helping you with? Or you need a quicker response? Email the volunteer lead at volunteerinfo@burningflipside.com!

Wanna be kept up to date about volunteer opportunities for Flipside? Join our low traffic list for announcements of volunteer opportunities for Flipside and Flipside-related events throughout the year. The list is volunteers@flames.burningflipside.com, and you can sign up here.

You can also check out the links below!

Get Involved/Volunteering   

  • 360/24/7 Volunteers do it all year long!
  • Art has a posse...or at least a wiki page!
  • Cartelle We are the key masters! (We inventory Carts & Radios for Site Ops)
  • Couch Share Need a place to crash? Have a place? Go here!
  • City Signage Telling Flipiziens where to go for several years at least!
  • Exodus Helping us all get off the land safely!
  • Flagging Welcome theme camps to their home with 4 or more little flags!
  • Greeters Food? Water? Responsibility? Welcome Home!
  • Guardians Part of the safety team we watch the fence lines
  • Ice Wanna be cool and stay cool? Volunteer for ice!
  • Parking those that keep the cars off the playa!
  • PrePost Build and Tear down crew check us out
  • Ride Share Need a ride? Have some space? Want to share a rental? Go here!
  • Safety Echelon/Fire/Guardians/PETs/Meteorology/Rangers/Sanctuary/Sound
  • Shaven Apes Like helping people build things? Fix things? Sign up to be an Ape! Be someone's hero!
  • Site-Ops We are infrastructure! Help us build it, and they will come.
  • Site Sign-Off First and last line dedicated to protecting the land: Recycling, Earth Guardians, Exodus, Clean Up and Post OPs.
  • Sound is one of the most important things to know about at Flipside!
  • Ticket Process: What we have to do...
  • Volunteer_Assistance_Squad Help out all of those other Volunteers!
  • Website Webteam stuff
  • Site Prep prepares the land for Flipside during Work Weekends.
  • Zone Czars (fka "Zone Greeters") Want to help theme camps find their spot at Flipside & welcome them? join us!