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Welcome to the home on the wiki for all things related to the Burning Flipside website!

General Info

[Website_Admin|Current Web Lead] (2013): Ke ( webmaster at )

Mailing List: [1]

Website Assets

What does the "Flipside Website" actually consist of?

  • drupal site
  • main pyropedia wiki (server directory: MediaWiki)
  • other wikis (Ops, Rangers, PVC) - suspect these are all old/defunct, can be removed (2012)
  • ticket registration sub-app
  • moop map (??)
  • ...
  • MOVED into Drupal codeathon 2012: volunteer registration/database (added by Ghost, 2/8/11)
  • MOVED into Drupal fall 2011: theme camp registration sub-app
  • MOVED into Drupal fall 2010: lead nominations sub-app

Here's a brief functionality overview for the current Drupal site (created August 2010, last updated February 2013):

  • custom visual theme / layout
  • custom menus
  • static pages
  • downloadable documents
  • feeds
  • landing pages for several areas of the site
  • time-relevant articles with special placement on the site for each landing page & main "top story" on homepage
  • custom content type: Art Registrations & Theme Camp Art Registrations
  • custom content type: Flipside Flame
  • custom content type: Flipside Theme Suggestions
  • custom content type: Lead Nomination
  • custom content type: Lead Nomination Feedback
  • custom content type: Theme Camp Registrations
  • custom content type: Street Name Suggestions (w/ voting)
  • custom content type: Volunteer Positions (w/ signup ability)
  • role-based permissions to allow/restrict: creating/modifying/deleting records, viewing submitted records (some public info, some private). We currently have roles for administering: art, events, flame, groups, pages, website, tickets, volunteers
  • user profiles
  • events calendar, including countdown timer & repeating events
  • mollom to prevent spam

Flipside Timeline

Important Dates for Flipside 2011:

  • October - Lead Nominations, Lead Nomination Feedback
  • December to January - Ticket Registration
  • April 1st - Theme Camp Registration opens
  • May - Flipside!

TODO list (unassigned)

drupal updates:

  • install all current security updates for Drupal 6.x
  • update drupal to 7.x

new stuff:

  • update robots.txt to disallow search engine indexing
  • make it easy for leads to publish announcements to the homepage (just need to assign the create/edit own story permission, maybe create new role?)
  • add one-click volunteer buttons. recipient address is specified when creating button. sends email w/ logged-in user's info (maybe with webform? -BB)
  • add ability for Flame to have accompanying podcast, create podcast feed
  • create dmv registrations as a drupal content type
  • install a per-node access module so that access can be granted for specific leads to maintain their own specific web pages (e.g. /email-lists maintained by list admin) (maybe content_access ?)


  • integrate login for mediawiki & drupal (possible MediaWiki plugin)
  • integrate the "other" wikis into the main wiki or remove them if unused - possibly using alternate namespaces? - if we can figure out the proper access restrictions.
  • enable file uploads by role for the wiki


  • clean up old/unused stuff - lead noms, other?
  • put the flipside website under source control so we can track changes & backtrack easily when necessary

contact form:

  • move contact links to separate "Contact" link, add links to wiki areas; in the format: _Areaname/LeadRole_: _About_ - _Contact_


  • update drupal to 6.x
  • update mediawiki for main pyropolis wiki (and others?) to latest version

Annual Tasks

Things that need to happen every year. With dates from when they happened in 2012.

  • Lead Nominations and Selection:
    • Update List of Lead Positions here.
    • update "flipside year" default value to upcoming year here
    • update view's default for filter to upcoming year : at /lead-nominations/edit
    • ... probably similar updates for 'lead nomination feedback' (TBD)
  • update volunteer profile as needed (add new volunteer opportunities, remove old ones)
  • update the website header & theme colors for the new year's theme (2010 was art from stickets, 2011 created by ryan james)
  • get new leads list from volunteer wrangler, grant appropriate access as needed, remove access for old admins
    • Art Admin
    • Volunteer Admin
    • Website Content
    • Flame Editor
    • Ticket Admin
    • Area Facilitators
    • Warehouse leads (and other Event Admins)
  • (2012-02-21) post new survival guide to website, update links
  • (2012-04-02, 2013-02-13) Street Name voting :: clear out old Street Name suggestions
  • theme camp registration enabling / disabling edit the pages at [2] and [3]
  • update "art directory" view and art registration content type - updating text as necessary for the new land, rotate to the new year
  • post the new map & update link as appropriate
  • update dates to reflect upcoming event and distinguish old events
  • create stand-by information for registration assets to clarify when registration will open for the upcoming event and when it is/will be closed

Deprecated (replaced with Street Name Suggestion content type in 2012):

  • facilitate street name polls (sometimes: 2008 and 2009, skipped 2010, then again in 2011)
    • give 'pollster' role to street signage lead, possibly related views, links, etc.


These would be good things to test when making major changes to the website:

IN ROLE "participant" (Drupal Role = Authenticated User)

  • I can log in
  • I can register for tickets during a specified date range
  • I cannot see other peoples' registrations
  • I can volunteer for different positions
  • I cannot see who else has volunteered (for privacy's sake)

Volunteer Positions

There is a content type called Volunteer Position which has signups enabled. Each Volunteer Position (e.g. Greeters) is assigned a category (e.g. On-Site). Anyone who registers on the site can sign up for a volunteer position. Each Volunteer Position can be configured to email the appropriate Lead or AF (or both) when someone signs up. And the list of people who have signed up and when can be viewed on the website or exported to a CSV file.

Street Names

There is a content type called Street Name Suggestion, created for Flipside 2012. For 2013, a unique constraint was added to the Name field to prevent duplicate name suggestions.


Annual Maintenance: Just clear out the old data (remove all nodes of type=Street Name Suggestion)

Guidelines / Best Practices

  • E-mail Addresses: Use the alias rather than the person's real e-mail

That way if the person receiving the email needs to change, we can simply change the alias in one place [staying DRY]